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Carl, Pat, Dan and Cath

While living in Edmonton, Carl met Cath Coombe, an Australian girl working in Canada as a nanny. Cath later worked for the Red Cross Blood Unit. Carl and Cath were married April 13, 1985 at st. Josaphat's Cathedral in Edmonton. They lived in Edmonton for a few more years. In January 1987, they moved to Adelaide, Australia. Their son, Patrick, was born there on March 9, 1987, followed by brother, Daniel, on December 9, 1988.

Carl is a self employed Registered Tax Agent and consultant in Adelaide. Cath is presently a Registered Nurse at Flinders Medical Centre in the Accident and Emergency Ward.

Carl continued with his involvement in sports; coach­ ing mens' football and boys' basketball.

Pat and Dan are currently attending Mercedes College. Both boys enjoy their school and love sports espe­ cially basketball and cricket.

Carl, Pat and Dan have dual citizenship, Canadian and Australian, and love the idea of a large family and group of friends in another country. The whole family looks forward to the day they can return.


Blair Jacobson, son of Brenton and Wilma Jacobson, married Sharlyn McKinney, from Minnedosa, on January 12, 1999. They live in Erickson, where Sharlyn is a Registered Nurse at the Erickson District Health Centre. Blair owns and operates a semi-truck and travels through­ out Canada and the USA.


Ernest continued in his own home, enjoying family and friends and staying active, going to bingo and to the coffee shop - mostly for the chatter and fellowship. He lived a long active life, all within a few miles of Erickson. He passed away in August 1993.

His son, Walter, passed away December 25, 1991.

Ernest's daughter, Doris, passed away in 1994 and her husband, Cliff Cartwright, in 1991. Their final resting place is Minnedosa Cemetery.

Wilbert - After the sale of the Erickson Transfer Ltd. in 1983, Wilbert (Wimpy) worked part-time driving for Erickson Co-op and then for Ken Beatty Construction. He retired in 1997 at age 70. He continues to live in Erickson, spending time with his children and grandchildren when­ ever he can.

With the sale of the Erickson Transfer, Wilbert's son, Brenton (Brent) went to work for Paul's Hauling out of Brandon. Wilma joined the staff of Erickson Co-op. After the divorce, Brent moved to Regina where he worked for Saskatchewan Pool. He married Diane Berg in June 1994. Diane has a son, Richard.

Kelly, Brenton's daughter, moved to Brandon after high school and pursued her love for art by completing the Commercial Art course atACC in 1986. She married Blair Johnson on August 9, 1986 in Erickson. They had two boys: Kane Derek, born on August 30, 1987, and Bryce Keith born on April 25, 1990. In 1992, Kelly commuted to Brandon from Neepawa and completed the Legal Secretarial course. After the divorce in 1994, Kelly moved to Brandon where she worked as a legal assistant. Her interests led her to attend evening courses in Criminology at ACe. In 1998, after 3 long years, she finally received her Criminology certificate. In April 1997, Kelly met Larry Kryshewski and in 1999 they made the decision to move to Carrot Valley, west of The Pas, to grain farm. Larry, Kelly, Kane and Bryce are all well and enjoying country life.


Joe passed away in January of 1976 and Jennie continued to live in their home, at 39 - 4th Street SW in Erickson, until Febrnary of 1986. At that time she moved to Suite 16 in the Parkland Home. Jennie passed away suddenly on November 9, 1986 at the Brandon General Hospital after a lengthy battle with cancer. Joe and Jennie had seven children:

Lloyd - died in infancy.

Selma - See Skoglund, August and Kristina - Gordon and Selma

Ronald - See Johnson, Ronald and Joyce Albert - See Johnson, Albert and Gale