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Bonnie and Kent make their home in Prince George,


Arlette and Brian reside in Transcona, MB.

Life in Erickson has been very active and rewarding for Bill and I.

In 1955 we purchased our first home, sitnated at that time in the extreme north part of Erickson, from Mr. Fred Ostrom. With the sale were 2 112lots and 4.9 acres of property. Utilizing a part of the acreage, we raised four pigs each year for five years, for two years we had 200 roost­ ers and one year we had two calves which became family pets.

In 1966 the 4.9 acres of land was surveyed into lots, plus a l-acre parcel which was later sold to the Village for $1.00 to be used as a site for low rental housing. In 1967 we sold our home, but kept our lots. Our plans were to move to British Columbia. Homesickness set in before we began the move. Mr. Art Haralson offered us the house on the Hill farm to live in. Bill proceeded to build a home on one of our lots. This house was sold before we moved into it. We built a second home, resided there for three years. This property was sold to the Government of Canada to be used by Parks Canada. Our land was now all sold.

In August 1972, Bill started to build the home we live in today.

Bill worked as bartender in the Erickson Hotel for 17 years. This was an afternoon and evening job. The mornings he drove a cream trnck, picking up cream in the country, for the Erickson Creamery. He enjoyed the visits with people in the farming communities and he continued doing this for 16 years.

In 1959 he was approached by the Village Council with an offer to take over garbage and septic tank service for the village. Bill purchased two trncks - one for garbage pick-up and one for the septic service. My father, who made his home with us at that time, drove the vehicles and Mr. Tony Oakley did the garbage.

In 1962, e.N. agent, Gordon Baisley, asked Bill ithe would do the dray service. This would include delivering off the train to the business places, also the unloading of coal cars filled with coal, to the Creamery, and another trnck was purchased.

In 1965, Bill left his work at the hotel to be caretaker at the Erickson Collegiate.

Bill was elected to Council in 1968 and served the village as Councillor and Building Inspector until 1975.

In 1965, I was elected to the Erickson Elementary School Board, serving as Trnstee until 1968, when the school came under the supervision of the Rolling River School Division. I had the privilege of working with the planning of the new elementary school building during that time. I worked in the Erickson Collegiate as Study Room Supervisor, then as Librarian, resigning to manage the Hardware Store.

In 1974 we purchased the Erickson Allied Hardware from Mr. Phillip Gusdal. The store was always an active operation and remained so for us. I managed the store's daily business doing the purchasing and bookkeeping, etc. Beatrice Warrington and Mabel Lundin were our support staff. In 1985 we sold the lot and building to Andy and Kathy Twerdoclib.

In 1986, we travelled overseas via Air Canada to London, England, there joined a "Northern Lights" tour group. We had the privilege of touring Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Holland, Belgium and Germany. We appreciated the opportunity to go where Bill was wounded during the war.

Bill retired as caretaker at the Collegiate in June 1987.

I served as a Councillor and Deputy Mayor from 1990-1994. With the resignation of Mayor John Kelly from council in July 1994, I resigned as Deputy Mayor and let my name stand for the vacant seat, becoming the first woman to serve as mayor for Erickson. I retired from Council in October 1998.

Days were not all work. I recall the hours of swim­ ming in Clear Lake on warm sunny days. Picnics in the Park with family and friends. Ed Turner's Roller Skating Rink was the place to be evenings. As a family we enjoyed camping in the Park campgrounds. Clear Lake is always our favorite place to be during our summers.

Our family has grown to include eleven grandchil­ dren and six great grandchildren.

We look forward to the twenty-first centnry with great expectations.


After Walter retired from the Federal Civil Service (28 years military and 12 years with the Federal Government), he moved to Victoria, in May 1984, to retire. June 10, 1988 he married Aileen Bridger (nee Lee) whom he first met at the Erickson High School in 1940. There was a bonus package - six granddaughters who are extra special! Walter has been active in curling and lawn bowl­ ing (indoor and outdoor) and Engineering Associations.

Walter's daughter, Marguerite, was born November 28, 1948. She has moved to Victoria and is working as a Psychiatric Nurse at the Victoria Hospital. She is not married.

Walter's son, Dale, was born September 21, 1950. He married Heidi Hough in Toronto on September 5, 1986. They have three children: Andrew, born January 31, 1989; Blake, born January 4, 1991; and Cassie, born July 24, 1998.

Walter's son, Lyle, was born September 22, 1954. He is not married and enjoys apartment living in Orangeville, ON.