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Lynne, born on July 4, 1945, married Ken Watts on May 15, 1971, in Erickson, MB. Both Lynne and Ken have retired from teaching and are presently living in Winnipeg, MB. Their only son, Brett, is attending the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Management.

Back row: Arnold, Debbie, Marilyn and Jim Front row: Garry and Allan

Ken, Lynne and Brett Watts


I retired from teaching in 1987, taking early retire­ ment. I am living near Niton Jet. AB, with Harvey, a wonderful man. Good health and enough security have made it possible to enjoy my home, travel, and have hobbies and other interests.

Every summer, trips to BC for frnit have provided winter supplies of delicious preserved frnit. None match the taste of my mother's Manitoba high bush cranberry sauce, wild saskatoons ann strawberries. Travels to Yukon

and Alaska, the western provinces, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ottawa have given me many good memo­ nes.

Since retirement, I've been able to take advantage of weekend courses to improve my skills in art. Oil and water­ color are the mediums I've learned to use. As a member of the Edson Art Club, I have contact with others with the same interests. I find satisfaction being part of a local church community. Playing piano at services and at our annual Christmas Carol Festival is fulfilling. Giving piano lessons to a few young people each year keeps me in touch with the community.

My five children, now in their thirties and forties, live in various parts of Canada and the USA. Distances make it difficult for all to be together at one time. They were able to do this at Christmas, 1996, even though there was heavy snowfall and temperatures in the low -30's. I was there also, as well as Margot, my delightful granddaughter: then almost seven years.

1995 was a special year for me and many of my rela­ tives. We met together in Erickson for the Sjoberg family reunion.

With love in my life and interests that challenge, I enjoy life one day at a time.


Bill was born on the home farm, section 20-17-18, in Scandinavia, MB. In 1928 the family moved to Erickson and he has continuously made Erickson his home.

Bill joined the Royal Winnipeg Rifles in April 1942, trained in Portage la Prairie, Edmonton, Niagara Falls and Nova Scotia, going overseas in January 1944 with the Edmonton Fusiliers. His unit was sent to Holland from England. He fought in the reclaiming of German occupied countries of Holland and Belgium, and was seriously wounded near the Rhine River going into Germany.

He was transported back to England and remained in hospital there until October 30, 1945. He came back to Canada's shores via the hospital ship, The Lady Nelson, and then remained in Deer Lodge Hospital, Winnipeg, for some time.

A breakfast of Canadian' bacon and eggs served the first morning on the ship was a meal he has never forgot.

Bill and I,Anne, (see Eorear to.Eield, Vol. l,page 369) met briefly while on his embarkation leave in December 1944, and later continued on a life time romance.

We have a family of four children. (See Gronback, ~.1Q Vol. 1, page 370).

Darryl passed away July 14, 1990 after suffering a massive heart attack. This was a great loss in our family circle.

Darlene (See Anderson, Brian and Darlene)