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winter, LeeAnn and her family visited the Nawalkowski home in Rackham, not realizing, of course, that she herself would one day be a resident of the area.)

LeeAnn and Lanny were married July 10, 1972, at First Lutheran Church in Glasgow, Montana. To them was born a daughter, Signe Kathryn, on July 9, 1974, in Regina. In 1975 Lanny adopted LeeAnn's two children, Robert Aaron, born Febrnary 6,1967, in Norfolk, Nebraska, and Mandy Elizabeth, born May 6, 1969, in Glasgow, Montana.

All three children graduated from high school in Calgary. Robert attended the University of South Dakota. Mandy graduated from the University of Calgary. Signe is currently working towards a diploma from the Wildrose College of Natural Healing in Calgary.

In 1994, Robert married Catherine Hofmann, a native of Montreal. They have a son, Corey Robert, born November 27, 1998, in Burnsville, Minn. They reside in F armington, Minn. Mandy married Mani Krishnan in India in 1995. They currently live in Baltimore, Maryland, and have a daughter Aasha Anna, born May 3, 1999, in South Bend, Indiana. Signe and Desmond Hussey were married in 1996 in Valican, Be. Their daughter, Lavender Azure Sky, was born August 4, ] 996, in Nelson, BC.

Mandy called Erickson home during the summer of 1994. Signe and Lavender have spent extended periods of time in Erickson during the summers of 1997, 1998 and 1999 and since December 1999.

Lanny is also noted for his old cars, a 1949 Plymouth sedan and a 1964 Valiant convertible. Since 1987, he has been editor ofthe Plymouth Bulletin, the official magazine of the Plymouth Owners Club.

Erickson has been a good home for the Knutson family. We appreciate its positive and supportive commu­ nity spirit into which we have been welcomed.


Having retired to Minnedosa in 1973, they have enjoyed fair health. Ervin spent 10 years of his retirement working for the Parks Board in Minnedosa, which he enjoyed. Nettie also took on full time cooking for the same period of time. After 10 years of work, their retirement was fully undertaken. In these now remaining years, they enjoy their flowergarden around their home with added small vegetable garden.

June 17, 1999, they quietly celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary with their children and grandchil­ dren. They travel occasionally.

The whereabouts of our children is as follows:

Lillian Joyce (Roshka) is in New Market, ON. She is a long-term care patient in the New Market Health Centre Nursing Home, due to her disabilities of MS of many years. Johnny Roshka, her husband, passed away in 1991. They have two children. Shannon married Glen Dyer

and has one daughter, Keeta, of Crystal Beach, ON. Faith married Jim Rees and has 3 children: Crimson, Tarah and Johnny, of Port Roberson, ON.

Ervin and Nettie Kopeechuk

Edward and his wife, Margaret, now reside in Stroud, ON, along Lake Simcoe Resort Area. Edward worked for the Town of Queensville and is now retired. Margaret works for York Region Health in New Market, 0 . They have three daughters. Linda lives in Barrie, ON, Sharon lives in Gravenhurst, ON and Caroline lives in Toronto. Edward and Margaret visit frequently with their sister, Lillian Joyce Roshka, in the New Market Health Centre.

Eleanor and Elmars Jansons. Eleanor has a position with Effen Foods Co. in Bolton, ON. Elmars now is enjoy­ ing retirement years. Go Home Lake is their second home and vacation spot. They reside in Bolton, ON and frequently visit Lillian in New Market. They have two children, Eriks and Diana. Eriks and Sandy live in Bolton, with their two small children, Laura and Evan. Diana and Robert Otani have made their home in Burlingame, CA, USA.

Rae and Steffie have made their home in the Douglas farming area. Rae has been with Manitoba Hydro for twenty-seven years and is employed as Yard Crew Supervisor in Brandon Generating Station. Steffie held a position with Auto Pac Insurance of Brandon until the move to Douglas and farming. Farming is another of their interests, especially registered hereford cattle. They have three children. Andrew will be 18 years old in September 2000 and is a graduating student this June. Steven and Sarah are 13 years old. They all enjoy the country and farming.

Dean and Elaine. Dean's great interest was auction­ eering. He graduated from Mission City World Wide Auctioneering School, Iowa, USA and acquired his certifi­ cate. His first auction sale in Douglas, MB was a success.