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Later, he became a co-partner with Timer Hyndman of Rapid City. He also was employed as mechanic at the Brandon Airport for several years. Due to Dean's illness and disabilities as an MS victim, he was not able to carry on too many of his interests. But, he still carries on with several hobbies. Due to his illness, Elaine has acquired her RN. She nurses full time, caring for the welfare of her family. Dean and Elaine have three children. Jennifer, who is taking Hotel Management and Hospitality; Jackie, who is a high school student; and Nickolis. All attend school in Brandon. After living five years in Killarney, they moved back to Brandon, this being their permanent home.

Marcianna McPherson and Kevin. Marcianna has spent thirteen years working in Fred Douglas Lodge Nursing Home in Winnipeg, providing nursing care. Kevin is employed by General Trnck Sales of Winnipeg as manager. They have three children: Jesse is a high school student, Tyler and Michelle are in grade school. They live in the St. James area. The children are involved in many activities such as music, swimming, hockey, football and karate.

Our foster son, (Jimmy), Solomen Danniel McKay, married Shelly Taylor of Brandon. They have three sons:

Michael, Jason and Benjamin. Jim is employed by the new Maple Leaf Meat Plant in Brandon.

KOPING, ARTHUR SYDNEY (Refer to Eoresi, tc Eield, Volume 1)

Arthur suffered from heart disease and died in his sleep on August 29, 1988. His widow, Mary Booth, contin­ ues to live independently in the house Arthur built in Erickson.


Standing: Brenda and Garth Seated: Harry and Mabel

Taken September 1996 at Harry and Mabel's 50th Anniversary

Harry and Mabel celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary on September 28, 1996.

Harry passed away on January 13, 1997, after a short illness with cancer. He was laid to rest in the Hilltop Cemetery.

Mabel sold her house and moved to the Stewart House in Minnedosa.

Their daughter, Brenda, married Robert Kalmbach in October 1987. Robert had a family of one son, Chad, and two daughters, Carman and Stephanie. Carman is now married and she and her husband, Trevor, have two sons, Nicklas and Eric. They all live in Calgary.

Harry and Mabel's son, Garth, and his wife, Sandra, still live in Victoria. They have two children: a son, Ryan, born on April 26, 1991; and a daughter, Claire, born on August 31, 1996.


Paul Norman was born on July 11, 1920, at Mink Creek, MB. Paul's family moved to Watson, SK in 1925, where they farmed for a number of years.

Katherine (Kay) was born on Febrnary 1, 1928, at Tysowec, Poland. Kay immigrated to Canada with her mother and older brother, Nick. Her father had come to Canada ahead of them to settle the homestead. She still remembers landing in Quebec City on July 12, 1934, and the long train journey to Watson, SK.

Paul and Kay (Chomakewich) were married in Watson, SK, on May 4, 1947. In their early years, employ­ ment took them to Ontario and British Columbia. It was in BC that their first child, Bob, was bom. Later Paul and Kay settled in Dauphin where Ted and Paulette were born. Disliking the fact that his work took him away from home and his young family too often, Paul and Kay decided to set roots in Erickson and start a business. The family moved to Erickson in 1957. Their fourth child, Patricia, was born around the same time that Paul had commenced building their family owned and operated business, Gateway Esso Service. The family operated this business for a number of years until Paul's ill health forced them to retire in 1977. Paul and Kay moved into Erickson. They were able to enjoy a couple of years of relaxation and travel until 1979 when Paul's health further deteriorated. Paul passed away July 20,1980, survived by Katherine and their four children, Bob, Ted, Paulette and Patricia.

Robert Norman (Bob) was born on March 3, 1948, in New Westminster, Be. Bob married the former Barbara Smider of Hartney, ME, on March 4, 1972.

They have two daughters, Penny and Lynley.

In 1986, after 44 years in Souris, ME, Bob and his family transferred into Winnipeg with his employer, Manitoba Telephone Systems. Barb obtained employment