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handled due to the Reeve's involvement in purchasing the adjacent quarter. A request was made to council to deter­ mine whether the Reeve may have violated the Municipal Council Conflict of Interest Act. A special meeting was held to decide how the above could be handled.

The following resolution was passed: Resolved the Council of the R.M. of Clanwilliam hereby file for a determina­ tion of a violation of the Municipal Council Conflict of Interest Act regarding a matter respecting the Reeve. All members voted for the resolution with the exception of one that voted against the resolution.

Council held a special meeting of Council and passed a special resolution requesting disaster funding which may be made for property located in the municipality as required. A resolution was passed that Council purchase 500 copies of ~ !l.l. .EisiliL history book (1984 edition) at an esti­ mated cost of $25,000.00 plus taxes for resale purposes, and further that the purchase be made jointly with the Town of Erickson.

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Erickson and District Fire Department Erickson and District Recreation Commission Erickson and District Health Foundation Parkland Regional Library

South Mountain Waste Management Miunedosa Area Veterinary Services Board Heritage Committee

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