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Dawn married Brian Townshend on August 15, 1987.

They have two children, Michael Douglas, born December 6, 1991 and Trevor, born April 13,1995.

Douglas Karl, Douglas and Bernices's son, passed away October 3, 1985.

Deanne married Mark Radigan on June 6, 1987. They have two children, Noah Lee-Radigan, born October 8, 1991 and Claire Lee-Radigan, born March 29, 1995.

Claire, Noah and Amy Lee-Radigan (1998)

Denise works as a sound technician and director III the film industry in Vancouver.

Editor SNote: Bernice Lee passed away October 27,2000.


When Judy was sixteen, she and her mother, Clara Lee, sold their home in Erickson and moved into Winnipeg to live with Judy's sister, Eleanor. Eleanor, a teacher, had obtained her university degree mostly by attending night and summer schools and eventually worked as a school psychologist. Inspired and encouraged by her sister, Judy attended United College (now University of Winnipeg) where she attained her B.A.

After working in Toronto, Judy returned to Winnipeg to attend graduate school where she met Art Hoffer, orig­ inally from Portage la Prairie. Both graduated with their M.S.W.'s in 1963 and were married in the museum chapel in Wasagaming in 1965. They will always remember Murray Bergman singing 'Suurise, Sunset' at their wedding. Their joy was increased with the birth of their son, Aaron Lee, on November 27, 1968.

The family moved from Winnipeg to Calgary when Art accepted a position on the Faculty of Social Work at the U. of Calgary. Having suffered the loss of her beloved daughter, Eleanor, Clara Lee decided to accompany the Hoffers. She shared a home with them until her death at age 92. Some of the joys, sorrows and blessings of those years together were captured in Judy's book, .EJJ..ll ~

Experiences With.illl A~in~ Parent published in 1992. Soon after their move to Calgary, Art and Judy were blessed with the birth of their daughter, Naomi Eleanor, on March 13, 1970.

Clara, Eleanor and Judy Lee (1962)

Commencing in the late 1960's Art and Judy became involved in the Human Potential Movement. For many years, they made annual trips to California where they participated in a wide variety of professional training expe­ riences. Their learnings were translated into their careers as adult educators and psychotherapists.

Aaron, Art, Naomi and Judy Hoffer