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Maurice continued working in Calgary at the Alberta Liquor Board until October 1984. He then left for an extended holiday, traveling to The Netherlands, visiting relatives in Sweden, touring Finland and Continental Europe, south through Italy to Greece and the islands via boat to Israel and Egypt - returning in April 1985.

In September 1985, he eurolled at the University of Manitoba, graduating in April 1987 with a Diploma in Agriculture. From 1987 to 1990 Maurice worked for Corrections Canada, as an Instructor of Greenhouse Operations at Rockwood Institution. Since 1990 he has been employed with the City of Winnipeg as a Greenhouse Gardener at the Conservatory and Tropical House (Zoo). In May 1999, Maurice was thrilled to realize a dream and attend the Chelsea Flower Show in London, England.


Suddenly, at the family farm, Sylvia Ann passed away April 19, 1991. She was deeply missed by her family and community for the genuine caring she had for all. Wallace then moved into Erickson where he still resides. Wallace continues to play an active role in the family farm along with his son, Clare. Wallace enjoys curling, golfing and spending quality time with all his grandchildren.

Ardelle married Denis Jacques on Febrnary I, 1991.

Ardelle and Denis live in Winnipeg and have two daugh­ ters: Keri Lee Boughton, born on Febrnary 16, 1978; and Stephanie Jacques, born on October 28, 1977. Ardelle is employed as a Human Resources Officer at CancerCare Manitoba, and Denis is a consultant with the Federal Government. Keri Lee and her friend, Chad Beauchamp, purchased their own home last year. Keri is a dental assis­ tant and Chad is a graphics artist. Stephanie is presently attending the University of Manitoba and will be pursu­ ing a masters program at the University of Waterloo, ON in the fall of 2000.

Clare, after his divorce, returned to the family farm at 22-17 -17. Clare is employed with Mohawk Canada in Minnedosa. He is also actively farming and maintaining the family farm and values. Clare's three children:

Kristopher, born on June 11, 1984; Ashly, born on March 23, 1986; and Apryl, born on March 29, 1989; are also involved in the farm and are 4-H members. The children are all involved in many community activities such as Brownies, school sports and CUrling.


Douglas Ruben Lee was the eldest son of Ole and Clara Lee. He passed away on March 3, 1989. His widow, Bernice, lives in Victoria, BC.

Douglas and Bernice had four children, Dawn, Douglas, Deanne and Denise.

Douglas Reuben Nelson Lee's Family (1995) Craig Cudommon, Denise Lee, Norm Lee Radigan, Claire Lee-Radigan, Deanne Lee, Bernice Lee, Dawn Townshend (Lee), Baby Trevor Townshend, Mark Radigan, Amy Lee-Radigan, Brian Townshend, and Michael Douglas Townshend.

Brian, Dawn, Michael and Trevor Townshend

Michael (7 112) and Trevor (3 112)