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tornado hit Edmonton. His mother, Kim, married Bryan Holigroski on September 10, 1994.

After high school, Kim worked for HeadQuarters Hair Salon for fourteen years. In May of 1999, in part­ nership, Kim opened her own hair salon, "The Cutting Edge Hair Company". The salon is in Sherwood Park and doing very well.

After years building and designing heavy equipment accessories, Bryan became a Heavy Equipment Salesman for Hammer Equipment and travels Northern and Central Alberta. Kim and Bryan are building a new home in Sherwood Park and will take possession in May 2000.

After a year at NAIT, Theresa worked for Prndential Insurance, then London Life and now works for Mercon Benefits, a group Insurance Provider. Theresa enjoys play­ ing darts, bowling and tending bar part time.

Tanya is a Special Needs Assistant for the Catholic School Board in Sherwood Park. She is also the Manager of Sun Catchers Tanning Salon.

Daniel works for G & L Distributors as a

ShipperlReceiver. His plans include going to University in Lethbridge in the fall of 2000. Dan continues to play ice and roller hockey and golf. Grant and Dan have hosted the 'Viking Valley International" family golf tournament since 1992.

Grant is a Supervisor in the Industrial Construction field and is contemplating semi retirement in 200l. His plans include winter in Florida and travel and work in the spring, summer and fall, for as long as possible. Shirley is a Tax Preparer during the Tax season and is ready to travel, golf and winter in Florida.

Andrew, Patricia, Michael, Jamie, Keri, Karen, Jeffrey and Kira (front)

Patricia and Michael Roshka still live in Winnipeg.

In 1995, Kari married Jamie Wardrop. They have a daugh­ ter, Kira Lindsey, born May 9, 1998. Jeffrey is engaged to Karen Harrington of Basswood. Andrew is in high school at Dakota Collegiate.

Brock and Joan (Wall) continue to live in Winnipeg with their children, Dana, born March 6, 1982, and Erik, born November 21, 1986. Along with the Millennium, they are also celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary

and their daughter's high school graduation. The family loves to spend their leisure time with family and friends in the Clear Lake area.


Mabel Neilson married Nels Larson in 1976. They lived in Parkland Home until Mabel passed away in 1988.

Marinus and Mabel's grandson, Barry Sloane, now works for Qatar Liquified Gas and resides in Qatar in the Middle East. He returns each year to spend his vacation with friends and relatives at his cabin at Clear Lake.

Their second grandson, Blair Sloane, moved to Victoria, BC in 1989. He married Margaret Cairns on April 21, 1990, in Victoria. They have one son, Samuel James Sloane, born January 18, 1992. Blair continues to teach high school, specializing in at-risk teens. Margaret practices veterinary medicine and owns Juan de Fuca Veterinary Clinic with two partners.

Blair, Margaret and Sam enjoy golfing, skiing/snow boarding, and travelling. Uncle Barry usually visits every summer before returning to the Middle East.

Barry and Blair's father, Arthur, passed away in 1999.


Back row: Gerry and Karen Meyer; Ethel Neilson, Rhona Rogers

Front row: Blake Reimer, Cathy and Glenn Buckboro, Ted, Amy and Dylan Rogers

Ethel has resided at the Parkland Home SInce 1979, where she continues to be involved with the Parkland Home Committee. She was instrumental in arranging the Parkland Home 25th Anniversary held in July 1995. Ethel continues to attend Women's Institute Lutheran Circle Meetings, and plays bridge once a week. She loves to work on her recipe books, her history books and photo albums. People often rely on Ethel to provide information about persons or events that pertain to the local history. She