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rough lumber. Jim belongs to the Erickson Lion's Club and recently entered the local political arena being elected, November 1999, as councilor in the R.M. of Clan william.

Jim and Benita spend leisure time snowmobiling, sleighriding with the Belgium team in winter and trail riding with horses and covered wagon in the summer. Jim has always enjoyed working with horses. Over the past 12 years there have been over a dozen horses on the place. We now have four Belgians - Lady and Buddy, the work­ ing team, and Sonny and Sam, colts coming two this spring. Jim is breaking the colts with the help of Cliff Warrington. Every couple of years a trip has been taken somewhere with sun, ocean and sandy beaches with Reg and Sharon, Larry and Marie. Destinations have included Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta, Dominican Republic and Mazatlan. There is usually a camping trip in the summer and, last year, Dauphin's Country Fest was a highlight.

Tracy graduated from Springfield Collegiate at Oakbank in 1995. Tracy worked as a waitress at G'News Restaurant for a year. Tracy will complete her fourth year at the University of Winnipeg this year with sports ther­ apy or physiotherapy as her career goal.


James was born March 5, 1976. He came back to live with his Dad and graduated from the Erickson Collegiate in June of 1994.

He took a course in Carpentry at Red River Community College. He has worked as a carpenter and continues to work on the farm. He married Pennie Carter of Souris. They have a lovely baby girl, Jaime Ann, who is greatly adored by her grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.


Tracy Nylen

Tracy Lynn was born December 29, 1977. She lives in Oakbank with her mother. She enjoys spending her holi­ days and many weekends in Erickson visiting with her Grandma, Dad and Benita, aunts and uncles and all her close cousins, brother James and Pennie and now the newest addition to the family, her niece, Jaime.

She graduated from Springfield Collegiate in 1995.

She is now a graduate, with a degree in Physical Activity and Sports studies, from the University of Winnipeg. She plans to further her schooling either in Athletic therapy or teaching. She worked at Clear Lake, at the Tamarack Restaurant, and at Onanole Golf Course for two summers.

She loves travelling. She went on a University tour to Mazatlan, Mexico in Febmary of this year and plans to go to Europe some day. She enjoys playing sports such as basketball, volleyball and golf and loves the outdoors.


Larry and Marie continue to farm. In the fall of 1994 we moved to Larry's home farmyard when his parents, Dan and Anne Zatylny, moved to their home by the lake in Sandy Lake.

In 1987 we packed up our trailer and spent Christmas in Disneyland. We have enjoyed many terrific travelling experiences with Jim's and Reg's. We have been to Hawaii, Mexico and the Dominican Republic as well as enjoyed many camping trips, trail rides and skidooing.

Marsha graduated from the Erickson Collegiate in June 1996, and has since graduated from the Assiniboine Community College with a diploma in Hospitality and Tourism. She is presently employed.

Scott graduated from the Erickson Collegiate in June 1998, and has since taken one year of a Farm Machinery Technician Course at the Assiniboine Community College. He is presently employed with a constmction company.


Ester Nyquist spinning yarn to knit sweaters and socks, etc.for her family. Photo taken in the old log house on NW 20-17-17 (Edwardson Farm)