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Mr. and Mrs. Nyquist lived on the farm until their retirement to Erickson in 1960. Mr. Nyquist passed away November 6, 1961. Mrs. Nyquist continued living in her Erickson home until August 1976, when she moved to the Parkland Home. She resided there until the age of 93, at which time she moved to the Minnedosa Personal Care Home, where she passed away December 30, 1986, at the age of96.

Ester Nyquist recelvmg her award for being the resident who had lived in the R.M. of Clanwilliam the longest (91 years)

Anna (Nyquist) Wark was born December 25,1913.

She married Mac Wark who passed away December 19, 1978. (See Wark, Mac and Anna).

Hilma (Nyquist) Birch was born December 26, 1914.

She married Russell Birch, who passed away in December 1980. Hilma was employed at McKenzie Seed Co. and McCallum's Jewellery, and Russ was employed with the Federal Government until their retirement when they built a cottage at Otter Lake. They had looked forward to retire­ ment there, but Russ passed away in December 1980. Hilma spent many summers at her cottage. She resides in Brandon.

Edna (Nyquist) Magnell was born March 1, 1919 and died August 27, 1992. She is buried in the Brandon Cemetery. Her husband, Herbert John Magnell, was born September 21, 1909 and died November 10, 1996. He is buried in the Brandon Cemetery.

Edna and Herbert Magnell had one daughter, Valerie Ann, born September 24, 1953. She married Terry Sykes and lives in Cottonwood Acres near Shilo, MB. Terry works for the Federal Government in Brandon. They have three children. Chad Walter Hugh was born March 29, 1977. He is employed at Canadian Tire. Jacqueline Marie was born September 18, 1980. She completed a hair-

dressing course in Brandon in January 2000, and is now employed with Regis Hairstylists in the Brandon Shoppers

Mall. Ryan Charles was born December 19, 1984. He IS attending school at FOITestHigh School.

Ivy, Hilma, Anna and Edna (front)

Nyquist Triplets - Emma, Lillie and Eva

Lillie Eleanor yquist, triplet daughter of Axel and Ester, was born September 13, 1923. She died September 8, 1953, from the dreaded disease, polio. She was married to Edward Hayden Broomhall on June 15, 1946. Edward was born March 29, 1921. They had three children:

Beverley, Brian and Barry. Beverley and Barry were raised by Russel and Hilma Birch and Brian was raised by Russel and Emma Fardoe.

Edward Hayden Broomhall later married Roberta (Grieve) Laird from Shoal Lake, MB. He died May 13, 1988 and is buried in the cemetery at Shoal Lake, MB. Roberta has also passed away and is buried in the Shoal Lake Cemetery. They had one daughter, Janet.

Beverley (Broomhall) Peterson, daughter of Lillie and Hayden Broomhall, was born July 22, 1947. She married Mark Cristen Peterson on December 27, 1969. Mark was born in Minnesota, USA on July 13, 1947. They now live in Brandon where Beverley teaches school at George Fitton School. Mark is employed with the Department of Education. They have two children: Kraig Matthew, born March 18, 1975, and is employed with