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After living in their home in Minnedosa for several years, Herman and Clara Oman moved to the Townview Manor. Clara passed away December 5, 1991 at the age of84. Shortly after her death, Herman spent several months in the Minnedosa Hospital before moving into the Personal Care Home where he lived until his death on March 20, 1995, at the age of 88. Herman and Clara's only son, Douglas, spent many years living in Edmonton, AB. He passed away July 20, 1997 at the age of 6l. He is buried in Minnedosa beside his parents.

Following thirty years of Federal Service, Selma retired in 1974 as a Branch Chief from U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC. She continued to live in the Washington area until 1985 when she married Joseph Hawkins, oldest son of Joseph and Lena Hawkins of Fredericksburg, Virginia. They moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia and built a California ranch-type house. They enjoyed their home and community until Joe's sudden death on November 12, 1999. Selma's long term plan and wish is to return to Canada where her family are living.

After selling the farm to their nephew, Albert Sillen, in 1978, Harry and Margaret Oman continued to live in the farmhouse until 1986 when they moved to their pres­ ent home in Minnedosa. Harry continued to help several neighbors with farm work. Much time was spent doing yard work, golfing, curling and taking part in community activ­ ities. They attended the Lutheran Church in Clanwilliam until it closed and then attended at Erickson Lutheran. For about twelve years they did the caretaking of the Clanwilliam United Church Cemetery. Margaret continued to give music lessons and played for the Merry Hearts Choir for several years.

As daughter Carolle, Robert and children, Shannon and Ryan Morris, moved to Trail, BC in 1980, many trips were made to visit them. In August 1997, Carolle passed away after a battle with cancer. Also at that time Carolle's daughter, Shannon, married Mark Ballarin. Carolle's son, Ryan, lives in Vancouver where he is employed.

David and Sylvia Musselwhite have continued to live in Inuvik, NWT; so, three trips have been enjoyed to see them.

Bev has continued to work in the Law Courts III Winnipeg. In 1988, Bev married Gene Sharikow and, III 1990, they were blessed with a daughter, Leanne - a joy to her grandparents.

Over the past five years, both Harry and Margaret have endured several major health problems but continue to live in their home.

Viola Sillen continues to live in her house in Erickson.

She lives there independently and is active in the Lutheran Church. She is very interested in her community and the people who live in and around Erickson. Vi has been most helpful to her sister, Mabel. Vi's husband, Ellis, passed away October 20, 1990 at the age of 8l. Vi's son, Albert,

farms in the Crocus District with his wife, Agnes, and son, Harvey. For more detailed information, see the Sillen Family in this book.

Following her career with Medical Services, and her retirement in 1982, Evelyn McLennan continued to live on Elviss Crescent until April] 996. At that time, she moved to her new home in Brandon's Westman Lion's Manor. The fellowship and sociability offered at the 'Manor' soon made her feel welcome and at home in this special 'commu­ nity'.

Evelyn's son, Gordon, is completing his nineteenth year in Chilliwack, BC where he continues to work as a school psychologist with the Chilliwack School Board.

With the closure of CFB Chilliwack, Evelyn's son, David, transferred from Chilliwack, in 1996, to Camp Wainright in Wainright, AB. He continues to work there for the Department of National Defense in Base Maintenance.

Holidays and opportunities for the family to get together are fondly anticipated and greatly enjoyed.

Homer was the only child of Irene Robertson (Oman).

He became an Emergency Medical Technician and purchased an ambulance business in North Battleford, SK, shortly after his mother passed away in 1978. In August 1982, Homer married Bonnie Rose Hood. They spent their first few years of marriage in the North Battleford area where Homer ran his ambulance company and Bonnie worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist. In 1984, Homer sold the company and moved his family to the Regina area where he worked as an Ambulance Consultant for the Government and later as District Director of Ambulance Services for the Weyburn Health Authority. Homer enrolled in the Adult Education program at the University of Regina and, after several years of night school, graduated with his bachelor degree in Adult Education.

In 1998, Homer accepted a teaching position in the Emergency Medical Services program at the Alberta Vocational College in Lac La Biche, AB. Homer and his family now make Lac La Biche their home. Homer enjoys volunteering his time with the Fire Department and is an active member of St. Catherine's Church counsel.

Homer and Bonnie are blessed with three daughters:

Chandra Irene (1983), Jenna Marie (1985) and Kayla Anne (1986). The girls are heavily involved in music and sport activities and enjoy school.


Leon passed away at Erickson July 8, 1984. In the fall of that year, Sophie suffered a stroke and moved to Sandy Lake Nursing Home. She transferred to Erickson Nursing Home December 5, 1989 and she passed away October 16, 1991. They are buried at st. Jude's Cemetery at Erickson.