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Peter, Helen, Alyson and Henry Oshust with Derry and Bronwyn

Back row: Helen and Henry Oshust

Front row: Susan, Kelsey, Chenoa and Terry Sly

Susan married Terry Sly on June II, 1988 and they live in Sherwood Park, AB. They have two children: Kelsey, born January 6, 1990 and Chenoa, born March 28, 1992. Jeremy died of leukemia on November 7, 1990.

Peter married Alyson Winthrop on May 19, 1990.

Peter was employed as a geologist for Hudson Bay Mining at Namew Lake, Trout Lake and Photo Lake Mines. He is now employed by Gem Com and they live in North Burnaby, Be. They have two children: Bronwyn, born on April 11, 1993 and Derry, born April 11, 1995.

PARROTT, RON AND BERYL (THOREN) (Continued from the 1984 history book)

Murray, Gerald, Marjorie, Beryl, Ron, Heather, Darcy, Robert and James (1988)

Since 1983, both Ron and I have retired from work­ ing outside the home. Beryl retired on August 17, 1990 after 15 years as receptionist/clerk at the Minnedosa Hospital. Ron retired from Agassiz Agricentre on September 1, 1994. Ron works in the home shop rebuilding and balancing rotors and is still involved in farming.

Ron invented and patented a Spherical Bushing Puller III 1984 and had it manufactured in 1" size and smaller. He made the prototype in 1982.

We have sold our farmland to sons, Murray and Gerald and, in 1998, have moved a RTM home onto a yard site on the home quarter where Gerald and Rosemary and family now live.

James worked at G .M. Technical Centre in Detroit for 10 years. Jim and Sally moved back to Oshawa in 1992 where he is now manager of Vehicle Design and has now obtained his M.B.A. Sally works at the Electronic Data Systems as Systems Manager. They now have two chil­ dren: Zachary James Sykes Parrott, born November 20, 1985 and Laura Anne Sykes Parrott, born October 25, 1988. Both are doing well in school and are active in sports and drama and are enjoying piano lessons.

Son, Robert, and Olive have two daughters, Roseanne Lynn, born May 3, 1981 and Christianne Marie, born June 15, 1984, both in Edmonton. Roseanne enjoys fine arts, swimming and studies the piano. Roseanne graduated from Grade 12 in Edmonton and has won scholarships of $1,000.00 for engineering, $1,000.00 for the College St. Jean, $1,000.00 for the University of Alberta, the $2,500.00 Rutherford and the $1,200.00 Schlumberger Scholarship for Merit. Roseanne will study engineering at the University of Alberta. Christianne enjoys horse jumping and studies the piano. She will be entering Grade 10.