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(1963). Their family survived frequent business transfers over the years including overseas postings in West Africa. However, they did manage to maintain a home base at Oakbank, MB, for the past 27 years. In 1997, they moved two miles from their small holding into a condominium right in town. John elected retirement in 1994 but still takes on short term work assignments. The children, who have all married and settled near Winnipeg, have shown no interest in moving to far away places. The next gener­ ation, the arrivals since 1984, is now busy creating their chapter of the family story. Richard and Terri Kauser who married in 1982 have two sons, Dusten (1985) and Brandon (1986), who are very involved with hockey, golf and other sports. Rick works with Flyer Industries in Transcona; Terri as a teacher's aide in the Transcona/Springfield School Division. In 1988 Kelly married Lawrence King of Warren, MB, where they both work in the family cattle business. Their daughters, Katie (1990) and Laura (1992), show an interest in music and participate in school choirs. Danica, who in 1986 married Tim Titley, a Winnipeg fireman, recently started her own agency service business working with stores in Winnipeg. She and Tim have two children, Valerie (1989) and Andrew (1991), who also show a real interest in music. David and Michelle Ruta, who married in 1988, built their house just three miles east of Oakbank where they had met during their school years. Their two daughters, Sydney (1994) and Brooke (1996) are now start­ ing pre-school classes in the same school system. Sydney is in the Ukrainian school program and has already joined her cousins in Ukrainian dancing. Michelle is working from home in her own accounting business; David is the representative for the Victaulic pipefittings in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.

Barry, second son of Paul and Anne, married Anne McDonald in 1958. They have two sons and one daugh­ ter. Doug, born in 1959, married Roselle Maranchuk in 1985 and they have two sons, Robert, born in 1991 and Luke, born in 1992. Doug is the Director of Prosthetics and Orthotics at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children in Winnipeg. Roselle is a Community Education Coordinator for the Sexuality Resource Centre (SERe) in Winnipeg. Ken (1960) worked with his dad at the Ready Mix in Dauphin until 1993 when he moved to Calgary. He is now employed with Lafarge Canada. Ken has a daughter, Meghan, born in 1991. She also lives in Calgary. Heather (1966) married Barry Ready in 1989. They have two girls, Jaylyn (1991) and Bradi (1994). Heather is employed at the Dauphin Plains Credit Union and Barry is self­ employed. Barry and Anne, having lived in Dauphin for thirty years, remodeled the cabin at Ditch Lake for a "retire­ ment home" and moved in 1997. After twenty-eight years, Barry is still in the concrete business and commutes to Dauphin every day.

Terry, youngest son of Paul and Anne, and Meg have lived in High River, AB since 1972. Meg works for the Provincial Government and is looking forward to retire­ ment in the next couple of years. Terry is employed by BASF Canada Inc. and looks after sales for Western Canada with the urethanes group. Ronna married Glenn MacCara in January of 1999 and they presently live in Yellowknife, NWT. Ronna is employed by the erne and Glen has his own expediting business. Raeann is a paramedic working and living in Halifax, NS, along with her fiance, Mike Claringbull, who is a pilot with Air Canada.


Lilly Paulson

Christmas 1989, I spent three weeks III San

Bernardino, California with my brother, Lloyd. It was a wonderful holiday. The highlight of the holiday was going to The Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California and seeing the beautiful pageant 'The Glory of Christmas'. The live animals that took part were all out in front of the Cathedral as we went in, camels, donkeys, sheep, etc. It was a wonderful pageant. Another highlight was going to see all the floats in the Rose Bowl Parade. On my way home 1 went to Victoria, BC and spent two weeks with Inez Johnson and her family, and had a wonderful time there. Poor Inez is now in a Care Home and has Alzheimers, sad these things have to happen, she was a wonderful friend.

On July 17, 1998, Dolores and Marie, Pearl, Joan and Janice, with the help of other relatives, arranged an open house tea at Erickson for me on my 90th birthday. My cousin, Hazel Taylor, has the same birthday but is a year older than 1. I was invited to the tea for her in Neepawa next year. It was a wonderful day seeing so many old friends. Randy, Bertha and Ragner's son in the Netherlands,