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called and talked to me while at the tea. A wonderful day I shall always remember!

My sister, Bertha, passed away with cancer August 30, 1994 in Minnedosa Hospital. Ragner, her husband, passed away November 1996. Lloyd, my brother, is remar­ ried and now lives in Bellingham, Washington, so now lives close to all his family who live in British Columbia.

I continue to live in my own apartment in Brandon - the same suite Albin and I moved into so many years ago.


Brian and his wife, Bernice, and children Monique, Colleen and Jeffrey, moved to Erickson in August 1988 from the town of Birch River, MB.

Brian was born at Souris, MB while Bernice (nee De Vliegere) was born at Boissevain, MB. Brian grew up at Minto, MB and took grades 1-8 at the school there. High School was at Boissevain. Brian tried his hand at vari­ ous jobs, finally securing a job with Manitoba Telephone System. Bernice obtained her education at Minto and Boissevain. After graduation she worked for the Royal Bank in Glenboro, MB and Winnipeg, MB.

Brian and Bernice were married and lived in Brandon, MB where Monique was born in 1971 and Colleen was born in 1973. The family moved to Swan River in 1974 where Brian continued work with M.T.S. and Bernice stayed home to look after the family. After one year they moved to Birch River, MB (30 miles north of Swan River). While there Jeffrey was born in 1976.

Monique went to school at Birch River from Kindergarten to Grade 9, and took Grades 10 and 11 at Swan River. Colleen went to school at Birch River from Kindergarten to Grade 9. Jeff went to school in Birch River from Kindergarten to Grade 6. The children took part in many school activities and community events. Brian and Bernice were involved in many clubs and activities.

In 1988 we felt the need to get closer to a larger center as our children were getting ready for higher educa­ tion. The opportunity arose for us to move to Erickson. We lived at #39 - 2nd Street NE for 2 years and, in October 1990, arranged to have a home built at our present loca­ tion. We moved into #83 - 1st Street NE in January 1991 and still reside there.

In the meantime, Monique graduated from Erickson Collegiate Institute in 1989 and then moved to Winnipeg. She went to school at Red River Community College for 2 years and obtained her Legal Assistant Diploma. Following this she worked at the law firm ofWolch, Pinx, Tapper, Scurfield for 7 years. In 1998 Monique and her fiance, Don Shepert, moved to Edmonton, AB. Monique is now employed at a law firm there as a paralegal. In June 1999 Monique and Don were married. Don is a

Technical Sales Representative with National Silicates. They are expecting their first child in April of 2000.

Colleen graduated from Erickson Collegiate Institute in 1991 and took a 2-year course in Business Administration at Red River Community College. After graduation she has worked at various jobs in her field and is presently employed with Prolific Group in Winnipeg as an inside Sales Representative. She is engaged to Paul Stimpson from Winnipeg and they are planning a wedding for 200l. Paul works for C.N. Railways.

Jeffrey went to Erickson Collegiate Institute for Grades 7-12 and graduated in 1994. His summer job and after school job was at the Erickson Co-op. After gradua­ tion Jeff became a full time employee of the Co-op Service Station. Jeff decided to make a career of this and began taking business courses. After completion of these, Jeff was transferred to the Arborg Co-op in 1998. At Arborg he presently manages the Co-op Service Station-Convenience Store and Bulk Petroleum outlet. Jeffrey is getting married to Melanie Rosenfelt in August 2000. Melanie IS an employee of the Gimli Credit Union. Melanie was raised at Arborg, MB.

After moving to Erickson, Brian continued working for M.T.S. The opportunity arose for early retirement and Brian retired in November 1999. While at Erickson Bernice worked at Oshust's Lucky Dollar Store from 1989 to 1993. While there I got to meet many new people and enjoyed the work. Since leaving the store I have worked at Clear Lake, MB for four sununers. Our move to Erickson has been a good experience. It has brought many new people into our lives. We enjoy working for our community and look forward to many more years here.


Dave was born in Red Deer, AB on March 22, 1922 and raised on the family farm at Delburne. His parents were Oscar and Margaret and he was the second child of a family offour. Fran, born Febrnary 13, 1924 in Gleichen, AB, was the eldest of four chi ldren of WiHard and Agnes McDowell. Fran rode horseback 3 112 miles to a small country school (Craigantler) situated between Gleichen and Standard until 1933 when her family moved to Delburne. Dave and Fran completed most of their school education there in the early 1940's. Dave travelled to school by horsedrawn vehicles (wagon and sleigh school vans) and Fran lived within walking distance of the school.

Dave enlisted in the R.C.A.F. in 1941 and Fran in 1942. Fran's experience in the bank took her into Pay Accounts, and her 2 112years in the service was in Ontario and the Maritimes. After completing his tour of operations with a torpedo dropping unit in the R.A.F., Dave returned to Canada to be an instructor on Mosquito aircraft at Debert,