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NS. He received a King's Commendation for his service in the R.C.A.F.

Dave and Fran were married September 7, 1944, at Summerside, PEl and, at the end of hostilities, they returned to Alberta where Dave entered the University of Alberta earning a B. Sc. in Agriculture in 1950. Their two older children, Douglas (1948) and Harvey (1949)) were born in Edmonton. Dave's interest in the insect world took them to Ontario where an M.S.A. was gained from the University of Toronto (1952) and which led to a Ph D. (1955) from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. For the next twenty­ seven years they were part of the Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph, ON, and the University of Guelph, estab­ lished in 1964. Their third son, Murray, was born in 1955 and daughter, Lyanne, in 1957. Our four children and their spouses and nine grandchildren make up the present family.

We arrived in Erickson in July 1982 and began life here by building a home on the south half of SW 3-18-17 R.M. of Clan william. Son, Harvey, and his wife, Carol, and boys, Ryan and Blaine live close by. Dave and Fran are kept busy helping on the farm and spent many hours baby­ sitting in the early years. Our families are all avid insect collectors and Dave is a good source of identification of insects for many people in the district.

Dave and Fran both enjoy the slower pace of lif here and have met many good friends through square danc­ ing, Legion, etc. Dave doesn't want to leave home but Fran would like to go to wanner areas in the colder times, but they compromise. They are enjoying fairly good health and they like Erickson and surrounding areas.


Harvey and Carol Pengelly with sons, Ryan and Blaine

Harvey Allen Pengelly was born in Edmonton, AB, on November 6, 1949. He was raised in Guelph, ON where he completed his primary, secondary and university educa­ tion, graduating in 1972 with a B.Sc. (Agr.) with a major in Fisheries and Wildlife biology.

Carol Anne McGhie was born in Calgary, AB, on September 6, 1952. She received her primary and second-

ary education in Calgary and graduated from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB in 1973 with a B.Sc. in Pharmacy.

They were married July 30, 1977 in the Minnedosa United Church, Minnedosa, Manitoba.

Ryan David was born on May 17, 1981 in Brandon.

He attended Erickson Elementary School and completed his secondary schooling at the Erickson Collegiate in 1999. He enjoyed hockey, badminton, soccer, snowboarding and cycling, music and photography. In August 1999- July 2000 he went to Vichy, France with the Rotary International Exchange Program. He lived with three French families, went to high school and became bilingual. During his time abroad, be was able to tour a portion of Europe, learning the history and culture of the area. He met many interna­ tional students, creating an interest to travel to other parts of the world.

Blaine Harvey was born on June 29, 1983 in Brandon.

He attended Erickson Elementary School and Erickson Collegiate Institute from 1987 to 200l. He enjoyed music, playing piano, guitar and drnms. He also enjoyed hiking, camping, photography and developing his own photo­ graphs.

Harvey and Carol came to this area in 1976 to settle their farm N 11233-17-17W, which was purchased from Herb Block in 1974. They enjoyed the natural beauty of the area and looked forward to a change from the city lifestyle. Their first residence was the old ice house which proved to live up to its name. During the two winters spent in this house, they frequently awoke to frost on the quilt and frozen water in the wash basin. Everything was a new experience- heating with wood, hauling water, using an outdoor privy. The first years on the farm were spent dismantling, moving and reconstructing a log house that once sat at Hilltop. The house, originally built by Franz Hill in 1891, was purchased from John Purvis. Many inter­ esting elements of history were found within the house such as an 1898 Swedish newspaper plus pages from old Eatons' catalogues lining the walls under the wallpaper.

Harvey worked for Ducks Unlimited during the years 1977 and 1978 and became interested in agriculture. Harvey's parents, David and Frances Pengelly, purchased the Bill Lukianchuk farm in 1976 complete with machin­ ery, which allowed Harvey to start farming. Harvey and Carol purchased NE 3-18-17 (the Metro Zwarich farm) in 1980, the SE 32-17-17 from Roy Nystrom in 1988, and S 11220-17-17 from Roy Nystrom in 1998. Harvey's main interest was in growing forage seeds (alfalfa seed using leaf cutter bees for pollination, native and tame grasses). Harvey served on the RM of Clanwilliam council and vari­ ous committees.

Carol first worked as relief pharmacist in various retail pharmacies in the surrounding area. From 1978-1984 she worked as the hospital pharmacist at the Minnedosa