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guiding American hunters for Ted Jowett Outfitters. Tom has dedicated his life to the outdoors and, at every oppor­ tunity, goes fishing, bow hunting and firearm hunting. At the present time, he is planning to go to Northeru Manitoba in the fall of2000 to guide caribou hunters for Ted Jowett Outfitting.

POLLON, ANDREW AND LILLIAN (See page 593 of Forest to Field, Volume I)

Lillian Pollon, at age 90, was residing at her home in Clanwilliam when her oldest son, Clarence, passed away at the age of 63 in the Misericordia Hospital in Winnipeg. His employment took him to the D.E.W. line and across borders as a long distance truck driver.

Lil continued to reside in Clanwilliam into her 97th year, when she moved to the Townview Manor. She enjoyed the company of her old friend, Elizabeth Dagg, and others. Her time there was limited as her health began to fail and she passed away in February 1991 at the Minnedosa Hospital.

POLLON, GORDON AND KATHERINE (See page 594 of Eorest, to Eield, Volume 1)

We sold our home and acreage in Clanwilliam in 1989 and moved to Brandon where we resided for 3 years. Gordon continued to work for CNRai lout of Minnedosa. During this time we had a winter residence built at Ditch Lake and moved there in 1992. Gordon retired from the railway in January 1995, after twenty-nine and a half years of serv­ ice. He worked as a conductor for the last 15 years. We enjoy community work, wintering in Texas, camping in our trailer and, most of all, the company of our family and friends.

Brion attended Grey School in Clanwilliam for grades 1 through 6. With the larger school area being created, children were transported to Minnedosa to complete their education. Brion completed his grade 12 at MCl. He worked at the Co-op Gas Station during his summer holi­ days. From there he went to Agristeel where he was employed for approximately a year. Brion hired on with CPRail in 1974 where he continues to work as an engi­ neer. He was the local chairman for the Minnedosa UTU for a number of years. At present he is the Vice-President of the Dauphin - Swan River Reform Party. He has a small woodworking shop in Clanwilliam and owns SW 1140f 19-16-17, a century farm, that was owned by his grand­ father, Hugh McPherson. Brion resides in his own home in Clanwilliam.

Gary attended Grey School in Clanwilliam for grades 1 through 5. He continued his education in Minnedosa and Brandon. He worked for Hoffman Construction in Minnedosa. His interests were curling, gun club and social­ izing with friends. Gary died accidentally and is buried at the Clanwilliam United Cemetery.

David attended Grey School in Clanwilliam for grades I and 2. He completed grade 12 at MCl. He worked for the Dept. of Highways and the CP work gang before hiring on with CPRail as a trainman in 1979. He is currently employed there. He married Tanny Rae Dowsett, daugh­ ter of Harry and Elsie Dowsett, in June 1984. They have 3 children: Jami Lee, 1985, Cody Andrew and Brandi Nicole in 1989. Tanny is employed with Manitoba Hydro and is currently working out of the Rivers office. They enjoy community work, sports, and camping with their family and friends. They reside in their own home in Minnedosa where the children attend school.

Sandra attended school in Minnedosa and completed grades I to 12. She graduated from Herzing Career College with a Business Information Systems Certificate. She worked as a waitress during summer holidays. She has worked and lived in Winnipeg, Innisfail, AB and is currently employed with the Minnedosa Credit Union. In February 1997, Sandra married Keith Syslak, son of Carl and Bertha Syslak of Clanwilliam. Keith has 4 children from a previ­ ous marriage: Thomas 1977, Pamela 1979, Robert 1983 and Lyle 1984. Tom is employed with Cora Lynn Drilling in Alberta. Pam is currently employed at the Minnedosa Hospital as a Health Care Assistant. Robert and Lyle are both attending school in Minnedosa. They reside on the Syslak family farm NW 13-16-\8 Clanwilliam. They enjoy farming, community work, sports, family and friends. Keith is currently on council for the R.M of Minto.

PROSAK, BILL AND STELLA Submitted by Anne Chisholm (Daughter)

Back row: Mrs. Magda Oleniuk, Mrs. Philips (Ph ilipch uk), Wes Oleniuk and Bill Prosak Front row: Two daughters of Mrs. Philips Note: Mrs. Philips was the only relative of Mrs.

Oleniuk's in Canada - a cousin who lived in Winnipeg.