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Stella died March 21, 1970.

Bill was born on October 29, 1901. In the year 1999, at 98 years of age, he is still in his own home, looking after himself. Despite the fact that he has a pacemaker, macu­ lar degeneration of the eyes and hearing in one ear only, he cooks his own meals, washes his clothes, and does his housecleaning.

After a bout with pneumonia in November 1998, to his regret, he has someone cut the grass, shovel the snow and has had to leave the gardening to Anne and Don.

Bill's memory is still very good. One more incident that was told to me, and not included in Eoresi, in 1984, is the time Bill was taught to set traps. He was living with the Tocharnk family and about 9 years old. One day, while checking the traps, he came face to face with a large animal, species unknown to him, caught and still alive. He decided that he had to kill it with a stick, which he did, then dragged it home. Mr. Tocharnk was very pleased, as he was able to sell the wild mink for a good price. For some of the money, he bought Bill a sheepskin jacket. Bill was very proud of it.

Back row: Mandy and Murray Chisholm with baby Ryan, Sheil.a and Art Atkinson with baby Kailey, Laura Chishol.m with baby Devan.

Front row: Daniel Atkinson, Anne Chisholm, Bill Prosak, Don Chisholm SIc, DonaLd Chishol.m, Dara Chishol.m and Danika Chishol.m {insert}.

Since 1984, all three grandchildren have married and now Bill has 6 great grandchildren, age 5 and under. The seventh is expected in May 2000.

Donald William, Production Co-ordinator with CN Rail, is married to Laura Carruthers (homemaker), has 3 daughters and is living at Dufresne, near Winnipeg. Dara born March 10, 1995; Devan, born May 22, 1997; and Danika, born August 21, 1999.

Murray James, Senior Business Analyst with the BC Government, married Amanda (Mandy) Konopasek - dental hygienist. They have one son, Ryan, born April 9, 1999, and are expecting in May 2000. They live in Victoria, Be.

Sheila Atkinson, a homemaker, and, one day a week, Customer Services Officer with TD Bank, married Arthur (Art) Atkinson, a pipefitter. They have a son, Daniel, born May 10,1995 and a daughter, Kailey, born May 24,1997. They live in Winnipeg, MB.

Kailey and Daniel Atkinson, Ryan Chishol.m, Devan, Dara and Danika Chisholm {insert}.

Great grandpa Prosak (96 years) with baby Kailey and Daniel

Anne Johnson and William Prosak