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Lake Marina or on construction jobs and winters at Big White Ski Resort outside of Kelowna, Be. Jonathon is in Grade 11 at the Erickson High School and works at the Wigwam Restaurant during the summer. Amy works in the Park on the campground maintenance crew in the summer. 1 am now working as the Visitor Services Officer for the Park. We all enjoy gardening in our frost-free greenhouse, and hiking and skiing in the miles of bush that make up our back yard. Living on the edge of the Riding Mountains, on the edge of the Rolling River Valley, in what some people would call "the middle of the bush", is exactly where we want to be. The nearest neighbour's lights are a mile away, yet everyone is neighbourly. The stars shine brightly at night and the elk, moose and bear pass through our yard. We may be far from town but we are certainly not alone.


John and Isabelle lived on the family farm after their retirement. John's health gradually deteriorated to the point where Isabelle was unable to care for him. He was admit­ ted to the Erickson Health Centre and Care Home. John passed away in December 1991.

Isabelle continued to live on the farm, caring for her pets. She passed away with cancer in January 1994.

Marie Christine Gabel still resides in Winnipeg, MB.

Her husband, Wesley, passed away in December 1999.

Percy Earl Purves still resides at Abbotsford, Be.

ROBINSON, FRANK AND CHRIS Submitted by Chris Robinson

Frank was boru on April 24, 1926 in Bethany. He moved to the Norland School District in 1931. He served in the army and was a carpenter. He drove a bus III Winnipeg for 33 years.

Chris was boru in the Kelloe District and raised at Rossbum. She served in the navy.

They were married April24, 1948 in Winnipeg. Frank and Chris live at SW 22-18-17W. They have 6 children.

Bruce; Lyle and Val of Winnipeg; Sharon and Roger Leckie of MacGregor; Frances and Greg Corbett; Leslie and Larry Balonchuk; and Colleen Souch, all of Winnipeg.

Frank and Chris have 8 grandchildren: Colleen and Jayson Kowalchuk of Alaska; Frances Balonchuk of Califoruia; Mitchell and Riley Balonchuk, Jesse Robinson, Kelly Corbett; Melissa and Billie Souch, all of Winnipeg. They have 3 great grandchildren: Brock and Rackell Kowalchuk of Alaska; and Lara Balonchuk of Winnipeg. Editor S Note: Frank Robinson passed away June 30, 200l.


In 1978, Rita purchased the property at 47-3rd SW, from the estate of Alex W onsel. It was to be a retreat from the city of Winnipeg, where she worked. Rita loved garden­ ing and with the help of good neighbours, Annie and Joe Fiarchuk, she put in a good-sized garden. On weekends, she drove from Winnipeg to spend time at her favorite pastime, gardening.

By 1981, when Rita was finding the travelling too much for her, she gave the property to her daughter, Kathleen Hammond, who had just married. Kathleen had two children boru while living in Erickson: Richard, boru January 15, 1983, and Jacqueline, boru November 28, 1983.

In 1991, Rita remarried. Her new husband, Gamet Gillies, repurchased the property from Kathleen, who now lived in Winnipeg. Rita and Gar now spend one week in Erickson and the following week in Winnipeg, year round. Gar still operates Gamet Amps, in Winnipeg, on a semi­ retired basis. In November 1998, they purchased the property to the east, 66 Centre Street, in order to enlarge their outdoor space.

Rita and Gar love Erickson and call it home, and so do their combined family of ten children, fourteen grand­ children, and four great grandchildren, along with their respective spouses.

RUDNISKI, JOSEPH AND KATIE Submitted by Josie Gustafson

My father was boru September 19, 1894, III

Kopyczynce, Poland. He came to Canada in 1911 with his father who later returued to Poland. Dad made his first home at Foxwarren, MB, where he worked for some farm families. November 21,1922, Joe married Kathrine Usick, the daughter of Albert and Mary Usick. My mother was boru July 16, 1905 at Oakbum, MB.

My parents moved to the Ozema District and Dad did farm labor for the farm families in the area. They purchased a farm in the district and farmed there until 1944, at which time the family moved to a farm near Erickson. They farmed here till they sold their land to Pete and Ed Byskal and retired to Brandon in 1960. Later, they moved to Hillcrest Place Nursing Home. Dad passed away January 8, 1984 and Mom passed away August 22, 1994.

Frank (August 4, 1923 - August 12, 1988) married Olga Huculak and they had two children: Dianne Baker and her two girls, Tammy and Tracy; Brian and his wife, Lynn, and their twin daughters, Dana and Elana. Olga still resides in Brandon.

John (September 30, 1925) farmed near Erickson; later moved to Brandon, and now resides in Winnipeg. He is now retired. He has three children: Darlene and husband,