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Wayne Gushulak, and daughter, Angela; Larry and wife, Cathy, and their two children, Erin and Joey; Donna and husband, Kyle, and their children, Crystal and Jason.

Emily (November 13, 1928 - December 31,1984) married Alex Moroz and they have four children: Doug passed away December 19, 1995 at the age of 48. He has one son Jason. Don and his wife, Judy, have one daugh­ ter, Kerrie, and they reside in Brandon. Shirley and her husband, Lloyd Loutit, farm at Souris. Della and her husband, Doug Madsen, live in Swan River, MB.

Joe Rudniski, Lloyd Loutit, Shirley Loutit and Katie Rudniski

Josie (March 16, 1938) married AI Gustafson and they reside in Brandon. They have two children. Curtis and his two children, Paige and Jesse, live in Brandon. Sharon, her husband, Craig Forsyth, and their two children, Amber and Chase, live in Edmonton, AB.

Eileen (born October 31, 1943) married Metro Stan.

Their three children are: Barry, who is with the Army and stationed in Edmonton, AB; Terry and his wife Ginny have one daughter, Serena. They live in Summerland, Be. Randy and his wife, Twila, live in Brandon.


Archie Rushton ofOzema married Christine Oleniuk of Erickson in 1920. They had four children: Jennifer, Victor, Phyllis and Mildred.

Jennifer married Lou Aquin. They had three chil­ dren, Monique, Adele and Kenneth. Lou passed away in Winnipeg on April 23, 1975. Jennifer passed away in May 1995.

Victor Rushton was born January 26, 1923 at Ozema.

He received his education in Detroit, Michigan and Erickson MB. He belonged to the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Victor joined the R.C.A.F. at the age of 18. Children are: Pamela, Robert, Renie, Donald, Micheal and Susan. Victor and wife, June, are living in Comox, Be.

Phyllis married Allan Anderson of Erickson. They had three children: Donna Lea, Diane and Eric. Alan passed away in 1964 and Phyllis passed away in June 1989.

Mildred married Jim Crockett and they had three children: Ricki, Terri and Brian. Mildred Rushton Crockett passed away in April 1987.

Archie Rushton passed away in the United States and later Christine married Roy Johnson. (See Johnson, Roy and Christine, .E.w:W.1Q.Eicl.d Volume 1, page 455)

SCOTT, GEORGE AND FLORENCE Submitted by Barry Scott

Barry, Florence and George Scott

George Daniel Scott was born at Glenella, MB on January 14, 1918 and lived there until 1960. In April 1939 he married Florence Margaret Tomes of Plumas, MB and they took up residence on the Scott's farm where they farmed for a number of years.

In 1940, George started to work for Manitoba Dairy and Poultry Co-op, as well as running the farm. He worked at the creamery in Glenella until 1960, when the family was transferred to Swan River, MB. They were there for only nineteen months, when they were transferred to the Erickson Creamery. He was employed here until 1966, then spent four years in the creamery in Brandon, coming back to Erickson in 1970, where he worked until the Creamery closed in 1973.

Following this, George was employed at Agri-Steel in Minnedosa, then from 1977 until 1980 he was Gate