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Erickson. After moving to BC, their third child, Valerie, was born. The children are married and reside in BC. Sharlyn married Fritz Mohlmann and they have two sons, Martin and Eric. Gerald married Patricia Day and they have two sons, Daryl and David. Valerie married Ronald Armstrong and they have two children, Kelly and Andrew.

Glen married Ada Nystrom. See Shellborn, Glen and Ada.

Raymond married Bema Hatton (March 9, 1928 ­ May 20, 1993). Their children were born in Be. Their stepdaughter, Ina Rogers, has two sons, Scot and Alex. Daughter, Phyllis Belliter and her husband have a blended family offour children, Adam, Jill, Anthony and Eric. Son, GaJY and Janice Loveless have six children, Valerie, Steven, Derrick, Evan, Morgan and Sadie. Daughter, Debra, born November 27, 1954 passed away May 23, 1982. Son, Gregory married Wendy Trigg and they have four children, James, Rebecca, Sarah and Matthew. Calvin, born September 18, 1957 passed away January 9, 1959. Glenn married Sandra Hogarth and they have two children, Raeanne and Nicolas. Gordon is married to Kim Pasco. Grant married Kim Park and they have two children, Alexander and Rachel.





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Roy and Martha Sfamily.

Emil married Elvera Olson.

Robert (Bob) married Jean Soltys. See Shellborn, Robert and Jean.

Floyd married Joan Wills. His children are Tamara and Timothy. He has one grandson, Colton.

Doris married William Karton. See Karton, William and Doris.

Viola married Dorland Burkett. See Burkett, Dorland and Viola.

In 1997, a Shellborn family reunion was hosted in Manitoba, celebrating Roy's 100th birth year. The four day event, filled with a variety of activities, holds many memories. The climax of the weekend was gathering on the original homestead, SE 22-17 -18W, that has been III the Shell born name since 1908. This quarter section is owned by Roy's eldest son, Olav.

Shellborn Reunion - 1997


(Refer to ~ .to Eield, Volume 1 - Shell born, Olav and Lula, page 617.)

Submitted by Olav and Lula Shell born, Maple Ridge, Manning Park, BC

The years saw many changes after moving to BC in the fall of 1972. Olav worked at Whonnock Lumber for 15 years. He retired at age 65. We lived at various loca­ tions in the Municipality of Maple Ridge, Whonnock, close to Garibaldi School on 248th Street, Cottonwood Drive; then we purchased three acres on 224th Street. There we lived in the little old house while brother Bob built our new home. While living at these various locations,