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we were able to maintain our hobby fanning, always having a couple of cows, a few horses and chickens. At this time, we were active members of the Haney Old Time Fiddlers, involved with dances, fiddling contests, etc. Parties were held here on 224th Street, fiddlers' meetings, weekly jam sessions, family gatherings, Connie and Mike's wedding reception, Ryan and Marion's party following their wedding and our 40th anniversary party. We still made yearly trips to Manitoba to hobby grain farm, attend social functions and auction sales, etc. Other trips were made to Sweden, Arizona, Shellbourne, ON (fiddling contest), and Niagara Falls.

Lula and Olav Shellborn

Gradually our family branched out on their own.

Momo and Grandy, who had lived with us for one and a half years, moved to Alouette Manor. It was time for a change to try city living in the trne sense. We purchased a condo and said goodbye to our animals. We sold the 224th property in 1991 (now Perennial Gardens, featured on CBC Canadian Gardener in the winter of '99) and purchased a cabin at Eastgate, near Manning Park. The highlights at Eastgate are the winter activities, snowmo­ biling, cross country and downhill skiing, enjoying the snow, cutting firewood, camping, etc. and still being only two hours away from the mild coastal amenities.

In 1993, we sold the 80 acres in Manitoba and the condo, and then purchased 21153 117th Avenue, Maple Ridge, which we still own. From 1995 to 1999, we lived full time at Eastgate, while friends looked after the Maple Ridge property. Now we are back on 1I7th and divide our time between Manning Park and Maple Ridge ~ the best of both worlds!

Culinary skills ~ pickled herring, smoked meat, thin bread, picking and preserving frnit and Carberry potatoes makes our home life busy. And there is still time for garden­ ing, knitting, putting together jig saw puzzles, reading and snowmobiling. We still own the original Shellborn home­ stead in Manitoba, SE 112 22-17-18. The '97 Shellborn

Reunion included a day on the homestead. We purchased the small acreage on 6-17-17 from Gunnar Peterson in 1998 before his death ~ one more piece of property to add to our collection and keep us young at heart.

Standing: Connie, Mike, Karen, Shanda, Les, Scott, Eric, Ross, Carol, Darren and Marion

Front row: Allan, David, Chris, Lula holding Diana, Olav holding Emily, Ryan and Thompson.

Insert is Amy Koebel, one year old.

Our children:

Allan Albert: July 20, 1953 ~ May 19, 1972.

Karen Louise married Les Morrison in 1977. They have four children: Shanda Nicole, March 30, 1978; Eric Duncan, August 15, 1980; Ross Allan, August 23, 1983; Scott Andrew, September 19, 1987. They live on a 10- acre hobby farm in Aldergrove, Be. While raising the children, Karen worked part-time at the Post Office while continuing her studies and earned her teaching degree in 1993. Karen and Les both work for the Langley School District. Les is an electrical foreman and Karen teaches at County Line Elementary School. Les and the boys are in Air Cadets. Les is the Commanding Officer. Eric completed Cadets after six years and now works full time for Princess Auto in Langley. He graduated from Aldergrove Secondary School. Ross and Scott are enjoying Cadet activities, range team, first aid team and exercises. Shanda is living on her own and is employed as receptionist in a doctor's office. Shanda graduated from D. W. Poppy Secondary School in Langley. Karen and Scott enjoy the horses. Scott has been in Pony Club for six years and competes ill both dressage and jumping events.

Ryan Andrew Roy: In 1984, Ryan became a full time Paramedic, working for the ambulance service ornc. He moved to the Justice Institute of BC in 1994 to work as an instructor/coordinator at the Paramedic Academy. Ryan's pastimes have included rock climbing on Baffin Island, in the Canadian Rockies, mountain climbing in the Pernvian