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Lot 7 South -

Lot 8 South -

Lot 9 South -

Lance Shellborn

Mary Skatch and Iris Kennedy - Coffee Shop

Terry Larsen - Coffee Shop

Judy Schmitke and Jeremy Clym - Coffee Shop

Carrousel Trading, Victor Bachewich Laundromat, Lana Bachewich

Royal Bank

Heather's Laundromat and Flower Shop, building burned

Heather's Arcade and Coffee Shop, new building

Lot 1011 11 l::Bouth - Erickson Heritage Co-op

Lot 13 South -

Lot 14 South -

Lot 15 South -

Lot 16 South -

Lot 17 South

Lot 18 South -

Lot 19 South -

Lot 20 South

Lot 21 South

Lot 22 South -

Lot 23/24 South

Shellborn Enterprises

Dr. M's Ltd., Morris 1.

Shannacappo, Dennis Whitebird, Richard Wahoski, vacant

Erickson Town Office, R. M. of Clanwilliam, part lot

Erickson Crossroad Community Centre, part lot

Erickson Co-op Service Station Glen Dudman's Garage

Dennis Larsen, Larsen's Enterprises

Steven John Geletchuk

Sadie Hansen Sandra Weidle

Glen and Ada Shellborn

Wes and Edna Duchominsky

Lena Stone Joceylne Steele

Harold and Irene Gustafson

Donald Norman Gustafson

Harold and Irene Gustafson Donald Gustafson, garage

John and Dorothy Geletchuk

Lot 25 South - Carole Bergeson, vacant lot
Lot 26 South - Carole Louise Bergeson

Lot 27/28 South - Freddy Michalchuk Grace Michalchuk

Lot 28/29 South - John Slobodian

Sally Ann McManus

Lot 29/30 South - John Hrynkiw

Lot 30/31 South - Reginald and Sharon Nylen ­ Chartered Accountant, new building

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Village of Erickson