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Lot 1 North -

Lot 2 North -

Lot 3 North -

Lot 4 North -

Lot 5 North -

Lot 6 orth-

Lot 7 North -

Lot 8 North -

Lot 9 North -

Lot 10 North -

Lot 1 is a large wedge shaped lot. Barney Berkowski has the west portion and the hardware store has the east side. Barney Berkowski owner - retired - vacant.

Hardware Store - Bill and Anne


Andy Twerdoclib Orville Halliday

Sok's Hardware - Walter Sokolowski

Andy Twerdoclib Susan Wong

J & D's Family Dining - John and Dorothy Geletchuk

Wendy Northey Bake Shop Zurbyk's Coffee Shop

Mrs. Lloyd Erickson Craft Shop Wendell and Mavis Johnston - 5 apartments

Arthur Platt - Lawyer's Office

Parkwood Auto and car lot

Part of Parkwood Auto Garage

Parkway Insurance, Sears - Ken and Jacelyn Greavett, Jt.

Parkwood Auto, used car lot

Henry Oshust, owner - vacant Henry and Helen Oshust live in residence at the back of building.

Mr. Zee's Meat Shop - Nick Zamonsky

Earley's Pharmacy - Wm. Earley Mountain Park Pharmacy - Jim McMunn

Lloyd and Ivy Carter - Second Hand Store

Hair Care Centre, Bernice Battersby Hair Designs by Lorette Bevan

Lot 11 North -

Lot 12 North -

Lot 13 North -

Lot 14 North -

Lot 15 North -

Lot 16 North -

Lot 17 North -

Erickson Credit Union

Joe Lenkewich - Convenience Store M & M Grocery, Wayne Dimmery, new building and residence at the back of the store.

Katie Morris

Marcia Marlene Oshust Clarence Carter Ltd. (Beaver Lumber)

Henry Rudolph Oshust, owner

Victor Mutter

Roshka's garden

Olga Roshka

Lot 18119North - Anne Soltys

Henry Rudolph Oshust

Lot 20 North - Albert and Astrid Skoglund Olav and Lula Shellborn Roberta Wilkie
Lot 21 North - Henry Oshust

Lot 22123 North - Pool Elevator house and garden Charlene Geletchuk, owner

Lot 24 North -

Lot 1 South -

Lot 2 South -

Lot 3 South-

Lot 4 South -

Lot 5 South -

Lot 6 South -


Herb Skogstad

Erickson District Library

Canada Post

Penny Anti, Irvine and Adenna Freitag, Jt., demolished. Future of the Erickson Credit Union

Irvine and Adenna Freitag, Jt.


Nordic Inn - Mike and Hazel Gulay Don Carriere

John Kelly

Richard and Suzanne Wahoski Carlson and Co. Ltd.