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the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. Santiago is a very modem city of 6 million. Tom was the finance officer for a copper mining company. They now live in Fort Lauderdale, where he is v.P. Finance for a company mining gold in Honduras and Nicaragua, flying to Central America from Miami. I think they have moved 10 times!

Janice is a business analyst with Manitoba Telecom.

She and her son, David, live with us - so there is always someone in the house when we are away.

Susan is a medical records administrator at Vancouver General Hospital. She was married, but divorced in 1989. She lived in North Vancouver and we share an apartment there with her.

Duncan lives in St. Vital. He is married to Jo-Anne Sabanski, whose parents came from the Elphinstone District - her mother was a Kawa. They have two children: Andrew, 17 and Carolyn, 14. Duncan and Jo-Anne both work for the Royal Bank.

Robin is also a corporate lawyer in Vancouver, a part­ ner in the firm of McCarthy - Tetrault. He and his wife, Kathy, have two children: Patrick, 12 and Nicola, 8. They live in North Vancouver.

Jennifer studied photographic journalism and is married to Brnce Collins, who is with the RCMP. They have lived in Burnaby, Prince Rupert and Vale mount and now live in Armitage in the Okanogan. They have two children:

Nicholas, 12 and Colina, 10. The latter is an old Scottish name, the feminine of Colin. Nancy's grandmother was Colina Campbell.

We had a wonderful trip to Britain and Ireland in 1998 with Susan, Robin and Kathy and their two children. We showed them where their great-grandparents came from in England and Scotland, and then visited Nancy's cousins in Ireland.

Weare always happy to see anyone from Erickson.


Lawrence and Edna are on the farm though both of them are now retired, with time to make frequent trips into Winnipeg for visits with their children and grand­ children. Dave and Dianne Sjoberg have a busy household with three teens; Kate, Erik and Josh. Dave is manager of MediChair, and Dianne teaches school and conducts choirs at church. Donna Sjoberg married Gamet Crawford, a high school class mate in Minnedosa. Gamet is a physician and Donna works at Health Sciences as a physiotherapist.

In 1985, Donald was elected National Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, and he and Trndy then moved to Winnipeg. They have continued to reside there after his retirement in 1993. Their children all live in Edmonton. Kathy is married to Gerry Trepanier, a radi­ ologist, and works for the Capital City Health Region.

Ruth is with Capital City Savings, and is married to Mike Kizlyk who is with Canada Post. They have four children:

Teresa, Clay, Daniel and Sara. Teresa is married to Larry Amfinson, and they have one son, Matthew Christopher. They live in Calgary where Larry works for the Co-op and Teresa for a Credit Union. Linda is married to David Hut who is with the Edmonton Police Department. Linda teaches school. They have two boys, Christopher and Thomas. Steve works for MediChair in Edmonton.

Since his retirement, Don has been working on the genealogy for the Sjoberg and Sillen families, seeking to know more about the grandparents, and regretting that more questions were not asked of his parents and grand­ parents when they were alive. The more we learn about our ancestry, the greater the appreciation of them and the heritage given to us in this great land. As a tribute to them, we have asked to include photos of them at the times they were celebrating their marriages.

Grandparents John and Clara Sjoberg 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1944

Grandfather Johan Sillen