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Grandmother Margaret Sillen

Parents John and Winnie Sjoberg

SKIPPER, DONALD AND JACQUELINE Submitted by Jacqueline Skipper

We came to Sandy Lake, MB from Hantsport, NS (home of the Chinet paper plates and apple country) in July 1978.

We moved into Erickson, MB on September 2, 1978 and have called it home ever since.

Jacqueline was born to William and Violet Park at Shoal Lake, MB on May 13, 1934. I attended school at Shoal Lake, Ethel and Reidville. High school was completed at Shoal Lake Collegiate. My first job was as a telephone operator with Manitoba Telephones in Shoal Lake in 1953. In 1955, I joined The Royal Canadian Airforce. On being discharged, I went to work for Bristol Aircraft in Saint James, ME. In 1958, I went to work with the Department of National Defense (Engineers) as a clerk, in Fort Churchill, MB.

I met and married Donald Skipper (a signalman with communications in the army) in July 1959. He was from Windsor, NS. We were posted to Calgary, AB in 1960. Two of our children were born there.

Bruce Skipper was born January 22, 1963 at Grace Hospital in Calgary, AB. He was educated in Manitoba, Alberta and Nova Scotia. He attended High School in Erickson, MB. He attended Assiniboine Community College as a Commercial Art student. His plans in this field did not work out for him. He took ajob with Canadian Pacific Railroad. He is presently working in the oil fields and lives in Provost, AB. He married in 1993. He has a daughter, Jessica, who was born December 22, 1988, and a son Tyler, who was born December 12, 1994.

Cara-Leign Skipper (Turchinski) was born May 12, 1964 at Grace Hospital in Calgary, AB. She was educated in Manitoba, Alberta and Nova Scotia. She attended high school in Erickson, MB. She went to Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, ME, to obtain her license in Cosmetology (Hairdressing). She is still in this trade. She lives with her husband, Darcy, and her two children:

Kyle, born May 28, 1985, and Bretta, born May 5, 1987. They reside in Brandon, MB.

Glenn Skipper was born at Riverdale Hospital, Rivers, MB, on August 18, 1967. He was educated in Alberta, Nova Scotia, Erickson and Minnedosa, MB. He has held many jobs, but is presently working for the Maple Leaf Plant in Brandon, ME. He married Arlett (Kingdon) Collen in 1996. They live and work in Brandon, MB.


Submitted by Lula Shellborn, Maple Ridge and Manning Park, BC

Astrid and Albert (1988)

Albert August was born on the NW 112 28-17-17 in the Rural Municipality of Clan william on January 3,1903, the youngest of ten children born to John and Kristina