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After a courageous one-year battle, she succumbed to cancer in 1990. She was laid to rest at the Hilltop Cemetery.


Calvin Slobodian was born on August 15, 1942, in Erickson, to Peter and Mamie Slobodian. He attended school in Erickson from Grades 1 to 12, except for Grade 10, when he attended st. Joseph's College in Y orkton, SK. He won the medal for highest academic achievement in his class.

Calvin and his younger brothers, Leonard and Brian, helped their father, Peter, with his International Harvester Implement business. The boys worked on nearby farms owned by their dad using machinery from the business. They also set up machinery and helped behind the counter.

Calvin has fond memories of times spent with his friends, Allan Rebenchuk, Walter Zatylny and Douglas Oleniuk. Calvin started collecting comic books in the summer of 1954, which would lead to his future business.

Calvin went to the University of Manitoba from 1960 - 1966, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education Degrees. His summer holidays were spent working for his dad on the implement business and farms. For one summer he worked at Riding Mountain National Park operating a backhoe digger and front-end loader.

In 1967, Calvin was a member of the Manitoba Table Tennis Team, where the top 3 players went to Quebec City for the first Canadian Winter Games held in the centen­ nial year.

Calvin was a teacher at St. John's High School in Winnipeg, MB for 1966-67. He then was the mathemat­ ics teacher in Rivers Collegiate from 1967-1983. In his first year teaching at Rivers Collegiate, he had a 100% pass rate in his math 300, 301 and Physical Science 301 classes. All students wrote in the final year of Departmental Exams where you passed or failed on one exam. Calvin was the instructor for the Table Tennis and Chess Club in the school. Calvin was the leader of the White House in the school intramural sports program and they placed first every year.

While teaching III Rivers, Calvin was flown to Toronto to appear as the mystery guest on the TV show, 'Headline Hunters', where a panel had to guess his hobby of collecting comic books.

Calvin married Donna Lundy from Onanole on August 14, 1971, and they had two daughters: Lori, born December 14, 1974, and Tracy, born on September 23, 1977. Calvin and Donna separated in 1980 with Calvin rais­ ing Lori and Tracy. Calvin married Eleanor Line (nee Agnew) from Hartney, on July 2, 1983. Eleanor had two daughters: Shelly, born September 25, 1974 and Dana,

born March 31, 1977. They raised their four daughters III Rivers, where the girls attended school.

Back row: Calvin and Eleanor Front row: Shelly, Dana, Tracy and Lori

Calvin and Eleanor formed the international Comic Book Co. in 1983 and still sell comic books and related items by mail order with their catalogues. They have the largest inventory of antique collectible comic books in Canada.

Shelly and Lori both attended Central Pentecostal College in Saskatoon for the 1992-93 school year. In 1994, the family moved from Rivers to Brandon, where Dana and Tracy completed Grade 12 at Vincent Massey High School.

Shelly completed one year at Brandon University and then obtained a Secretarial Diploma at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon. She worked for 3 years as the secretary for Evangel Pentecostal Church in Thunder Bay, ON. Shelly then obtained her Dental Assistant Diploma at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary. She began working as a Dental Assistant for Dr. Dubienski in Calgary in August 1999.

Lori obtained her Bachelor of Education Degree from Brandon University. She began teaching grade 5 in 1997 at Master's Academy, a Christian School in Calgary. On December 18, 1999, Lori married Jeff Callaghan from Calgary.

Dana attended Providence College in Otterburne, MB from 1995-1998 and obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Ministerial Studies. Dana worked for Jack Fraser Men's Clothing in Brandon, then Winnipeg and, in 1999, transferred to Calgary. She also is the receptionist for the Saturn Car Dealership in Calgary.