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Arthur Koping, Harald Hansen and Einar Lundman. There we raised our three children - Elliot, Craig and Susan.

Elliot and Craig attended Lund School and then trans­ ferred to Erickson in 1967 when consolidation took place. Susan took her entire schooling in Erickson and all three children completed their education there.

Our family attended Hilltop Baptist Church, with the children enjoying many summers at the Canadian Sunday School Mission Bible Camp in Dauphin. All the children also participated in local 4-H activities for many years. Music was a given talent for Craig and he has played at many weddings, funerals and social functions over the years. Susan enjoyed singing with Craig's accompaniment.

Gordon passed away suddenly, at home, on July 6, 1998, and he is buried in the Hilltop Baptist Church Cemetery. Gordon had a keen interest in the farming oper­ ation, which consisted of three quarters of land that was used for hay, feed and pasture. He raised a commercial herd of Charolais and Simmental cattle, which is now being managed by his son, Elliot. Gordon also enjoyed hunting and reading.

Selma retired in 1990 from Erickson District Health Center where she enjoyed working for twenty years as a Nurses's Aide. She continues to be involved with many community and church organizations. Gordon and Selma both enjoyed bowling in the Minnedosa senior's league and also enjoyed travelling through Western Canada, the United States and Mexico.

There are three grandchildren who continue to live in the area - Christopher Skoglund Dimmery, Britany and Jarett Woywada.

Elliot Gordon was born on March 22, 1954. He has taken over the family farm and takes great pride in his herd of cattle. He has a Diploma in Carpentry from Assiniboine Community College in Brandon. Elliot is divorced and has one son, Christopher Ryan, born on March 20,1984. Christopher attended Erickson schools for the first nine years and is currently enrolled at St. Vladrnir's College in Roblin for his tenth year. Elliot and Christopher attend the Erickson Lutheran Church.

Craig Andrew was born on December 11, 1954. He continues the practice of Family Medicine in Winnipeg's north end. He also works in The Pas, MB, where he supplies Emergency and Intensive Care Services at The Pas Health Complex. Craig is divorced with no children and lives in Winnipeg. His hobbies include travel, reading, music, golf­ ing and curling. Craig attends Grant Memorial Baptist Church and he was baptized there on September 26, 1999.

Susan Edith (See Woywada, Gerald and Susan) Shirley Allyce was stillborn on April 22, 1953, and she is buried in the Hilltop Baptist Church Cemetery. Editor S Note: Craig Skoglund passed away June 2, 200l.


In 1988, Walter and Mary bought Eva McAuley's property in the Scandinavia area and moved in a mobile home. Gradually, they settled into retirement which in itself has been busy. Together they created walking trails through their property. Mary took up landscaping on a grand scale, which has produced elaborate flower gardens that attract frequent visitors. She also took up oil painting. Walter indulged in his lifetime hobby of woodworking. He developed many new products that proudly bear the label "Projects by Papa". Other frequent pastimes include time spent with grandchildren, frequent visitors, and playing cards.

Oldest daughter, Karn and husband Joe Sandy reside in Winnipeg where Karn works as a management consult­ ant and is very involved in professional associations. Joe retired from the Liquor Control Commission in 1986. They enjoy their antique car hobby together. They have two sons, Jason and Christian, and three grandsons and a grand­ daughter who live in Be.

Shannon and Vladimir had a daughter, Kristal, in 1984. After her divorce from Vladimir Konevsky, Shannon sold her hairdressing shop, went to university and obtained degrees in Arts and Social Work. She is working towards her Masters degree while working for Child and Family Services and the Mobile Crisis Service in Winnipeg. Shannon's hobby is the Internet where she has made many cyber-friends over the years including her life partner. Sasha and Kristal continue to live in Winnipeg where both work part-time.

Vaughn Skogstad and wife, Viola, added to their family in 1983 with a daughter, Alanna. They moved to La Ronge, SK, where Vaughn works as a regional manager for Saskatchewan Northern Housing as well as operating his own computer consulting business. Viola continues to work with handicapped youth in addition to being a substi­ tute teacher, and working part-time in the hospital. Oldest son, Shaun, completed high school and works as an orderly in La Ronge. Shannon works at a group home in La Ronge, and Alanna continues her high school studies.

Karly and Gerald Boyd had a third child, a son, Stewart, in 1986. They continued to farm on the family farm. Over the years, they have been active, "on the road" sports parents and coaches/leaders. In recent years, Karly returned to work part-time in the Agriculture office in Neepawa. Their oldest daughter, Marla, is completing Business Administration at Assiniboine Community College. Jami and Stewart both attend high school and still keep their parents busy with hockey, soccer, 4-H, and kayaking, just to name a few of their activities.

Youngest daughter, Traci Robyn Skogstad, was in university, working part-time in a medical clinic, and also playing in a band when she was diagnosed with cancer.