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Nordic Inn in Erickson, and later moved to Minnedosa for a couple of years.

Rosie finished her Grade 12 in Brandon. Then she moved to Virden, where she worked as a cook and a wait­ ress for six years.

In 1989, Rosie and Tom Snyder, her husband to be, leased a restaurant. In 1990 they sold the business and moved to Kelowna, BC. Tom sold life insurance while Rosie stayed home to raise the family. Rosie found Kelowna too big and moved back to Erickson in March 1991, to be closer to her family.

Rosie married Tom Snyder, of Brandon, on October 26, 1991.

Tom is the caretaker of the Legion, Royal Bank and Manitoba Housing. He also looks after the skating rink in Onanole for the winter months. During the summer, Tom has a lawn care business for seniors and also blows snow for seniors in the winter. Rosie has her own little business cleaning house for seniors.

Tom and Rosie have purchased a home at 34-2nd St.

SW. This house was once owned by Dr. Rutledge who used it as his home and office and, later, by Drs. Morley and Nancy Sirett.

Rosie and Tom have three boys: Bryan, born March 25, 1985; Bradley, born March 23, 1990; and Brendan, born April 19, 1992. The boys attend Erickson School. They also love going out to the fann to visit Gido and Baba Zwarich.


(Son of John and Rose Soltys)

You first read of us on pages 370 and 648 of the ~ ill .Eicl.d. history book. Our birthdates: Joseph, November 27, 1920; Vi, August 15, 1925. Additional to the information about our children: we also had one son, Morley, who died the same day he was born in May 1957.

Joseph and I went into retirement busier than ever with our home and our family. In 1988, we began fulfill­ ing the dream of a cottage on Ditch Lake, west side (Violet's childhood home). We purchased the old farmhouse that had belonged to Svale and Gurina Wetteland. Joseph carefully dismantled it board by board, saving all the nails. This wood was used to build our cottage with plenty to spare.

Darla (daughter), Myrs, and Ivan (born 1976) returned to Canada from their posting in Germany to reside in Borden, ON, and then Ottawa. Darla has been a stay-at-home mom, occasionally working part-time usually in a fabric store. She carefully plans and works a marvelous garden and flowerbeds each year. Myrs has been promoted to Chief Warrant Officer in the Armed Forces. Ivan has graduated from high school and is self-employed (Ivanhoe Ent.).

Elaine (daughter), married Darrell Wiebe (1983), and has two children: Aaron (1984) and Brenlee (1986). Elaine

continued part-time at the telephone system, then became a stay-at-home/horneschooling mom. Darrell is Manager/ Salesman for Lewis Cattle Oiler Company. Darrell and Aaron are hockey players and referees; Brenlee swims and coaches with the local swim club.

Noreen (daughter) moved and became office super­ visor of a large Zeller's store in Barrie, ON. After returning to Portage la Prairie, she was employed in accounting at a personal care home and now at the Portage General Hospital. After being divorced, she married Dennis Elash (1987) and has a little girl, Eden (1997). Dennis, formerly of Russell, MB, is employed by Jonair, aerial spraying.

In March of 1996, Joseph was diagnosed with colon cancer. He recovered excellently from surgery, had chemotherapy and another good year and a half with his family, tinkering and doing odd jobs, as usual, along with lots of knitting. He peacefully went to be with the Lord on September 10, 1991. His remains were placed in the cemetery at Bethel Lutheran Church, Danvers.

Violet continues to be busy with her home, her family, her garden, various crafts, church activities (Redeemer Lutheran), writing letters, and enjoying the cottage at Ditch Lake.


(Refer to ~ io Eield, Volume 1, Page 645)

Anne Soltys passed away Febrnary 21, 1994. Jean - See Shellborn, Robert and Jean.

Alan - See Soltys, Alan and Valerie

Ruth was born October 16, 1938. She married Vernon English on September 27, 1969, and lives in Brandon, MB. Ruth retired from Canada Safeway in Febrnary 1994, after twenty years of service. Vern still works for Agriculture Canada in Brandon. They have two sons. Gary R. Doherty, born on May 30, 1963, is married to Angela (Del mage) and they have two children. Kaitlyn Leigh was born on April 22, 1994, and Ryan Robert was born on October 4, 1999. They live in Brandon. Gary works for c.P.R. and Angie has the 'Hairenchange' Shop. Glen Y. English, born on April 20, 1970, lives in Montreal, Quebec and attends Concordia University. He will graduate in April 2000 with Strnctural Engineering. He is engaged to Nathalie Gendron of St. Prime, Quebec. Nathalie works for Bombardier in Montreal.

Inez, born on August 1, 1941 in Erickson, married Tom Gray on May 9,1964.

Their daughter, Debbie, was born in Winnipeg on March 21, 1967, and their son, Duane, was born III Steinbach on July 19, 1972.

We lived in several different places, as Tom was employed with The Royal Bank. Tom retired in 1994 from the bank in Morden and, after spending summers at Lake