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Glen and Corrine

Darien Steele


Harold retired in 1988 after having 45 years employ­ ment with Erickson Consumers Co-op. Millie retired in January 1992, from Canada Post, and both reside in Erickson, MB. They will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in July 2000.

William (Bill) was born in 1952. His wife, Emily (1955), and son, Leslie (1985), reside in Lethbridge, AB, where Bill is employed with the Royal Bank of Canada ..

Ronald Charles (Ron) (1955) is an owner-operator with Purolator Courier, Brandon, MB. He resides on S 112 NE 33-18-18, the Stitt family home farm.

Terrence (Dean)(1960) is employed with Purolator Courier and resides in his home at Dauphin, MB.

Lea Ann (1964) and husband, Al Koop, reside in Winnipeg, MB with their four children: Lindsay (1989); Lars (1991); Lorissa (1993); and Lyle (1996). AI owns 4L Communications operating as a MTS Phone Center in Kildonan Place, Winnipeg, MB.

Editor S Note: Their wedding date was June 22, 1950 and their anniversary celebration took place July 7,2000.


Donald was born January 28, 1932 to Helen and Howard Stitt. He was educated at Erickson Public School, No. 1366. The family lived on a small farm on the shore of Little Otter Lake.

In 1952, I left Erickson, and went to work at Rivers Air Base to build houses on the base.

In 1953, I moved to Brandon and worked at Manco Dairies, until retirement in August 1993.

November 9,1957, I married Joan Bogner of Regina, SK. We have one daughter, Marie, born on December 16, 1969. Our grandson, Gregory Thomas, was born June 11, 1992.

Since retirement, we have done some travelling III Canada and the United States. We've had two overseas tours, seeing the British Isles and Ireland, also some of Europe, and the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. I enjoy golfing and going to auction sales. We have one older car, a 1939 Pontiac, which has been restored. I also collect and restore stationary gaso­ line engines. I have approximately 30 engines and could use more.

Eleanor was born May 18, 1929 at Erickson, to Howard and Helen Stitt. She was educated at Erickson School. Eleanor was confirmed at Erickson Lutheran Church in 1946.

She worked evenings at the Han Theatre as an usher.

Later, she worked at the Erickson Creamery. She then moved to Brandon and worked at the General Hospital as a Nurse's Aide.

Eleanor was married in 1953 to Jack Kirkby. They moved to Alberta to live. Jack and Eleanor had two chil­ dren, Dell and Janice. They later moved to West Bank, Be. Eleanor worked for the fmit packing plant there. She moved to Kelowna and retired.

Eleanor passed away October 26, 1997.


I, Norman Stanley Stone, son of Stanley and Lena, was born April 6, 1926, on the SW 21-18-18 in the R. M. of Clan william. Later, we moved to live on SE 26-17-18, better known as the Peterson place, south of Gust Lundman's. From there, we moved north to the unorgan­ ized SE section 2, known as the Robinson place. In the spring of 1932, we moved to NW 22-18-18 in the R. M. of Clanwilliam, where I grew up.

I attended the Tales School, District #72, where I got my education from Grade 1 to Grade 9. It was a one-room school, and my only teacher was Mr. Neil Lenard Neva. He taught all nine grades and also did the janitor work. Mr. Neva promoted all sports; hockey, baseball, softball and