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football. This was a plus for me as I played hockey and ball with Erickson and Minnedosa in years to come.

I remember attending the ribbon cutting ceremony when they had the opening of Riding Mountain National Park in 1933.

October 7, 1949, I married Joyce Hansen of Minitonas, MB. Pastor Mork officiated at the Swan River Lutheran Church.

From 1949 to 1959, I worked at the Erickson Co-op in the Service Station and the Petroleum Department. From 1959 to 1973, I worked at the Minnedosa Co-op as Service Station and Petroleum Manager. From 1973 to 1986, I worked as Service Station and Petroleum Manager at the Beeland Co-op in Tisdale, SK. This is where I retired and I still reside there.

Rodney, Lyndon and Randal Stone

We had a family of three sons. Rodney Norman was born October 6, 1952 in Minnedosa Hospital. He started his education at the Tales School, then Erickson, and he completed his education in Minnedosa. He apprenticed III

plumbing at The Pas, MB. On November 3, 1973 he married Sandra Watts from The Pas. They now live in Tisdale, SK where he operates his own plumbing busi­ ness. Rodney and Sandi have three daughters: Dallas, born May 7, 1977 at The Pas; Jennifer, born September 28, 1983 at The Pas; and Kaleigh, born May 23, 1990 at Tisdale, SK. Randall Jerrain was born March 19, 1961 at Minnedosa. He started his education in Minnedosa and finished in Tisdale, SK. He apprenticed plumbing in The Pas, MB. June 27, 1981, he married Wanda Patterson of The Pas. They have one daughter, Phoenix, born November 30, 1981. Randall remarried to Marilyn Antonio of The Pas. They have two children; Kyle, born September 6,1988 at Prince Albert, SK; and Daniel, born August 20, 1990, at Prince Albert, SK. Randal now lives in Prince Albert and works for E.C.C., a branch of the Pulp Mill. Lyndon Jerard was born September 29, 1964 at Minnedosa, MB. He started his education at Minnedosa and finished at Tisdale, SK. June 11, 1994, he married Lisa Hyunga of Porcupine Plains, SK. They have one son, Cody, born September 7, 1996, at Prince Albert, SK. Lyndon has his own business repairing snow machines and boat motors. They live at Prince Albert, SK. All three boys, and their children, are active in ball, hockey, golf, hunting, fishing, ringette, and car and snow machine racing.

In 1941, I purchased SE 27-18-18, which is known as the Gust Norquist farm. In 1950, I purchased NW 27- 18-18 from E.A. Dudman, which was known as the Miller Place. In 1962, I sold both quarters to O.E. Shellborn. Since 1982, I have been fanning NW 22-18-18, which was the home place where I grew up.


Lome Stone married Alice Fisher in 1965. They have 3 children: David, Beverly and Dwayne. There is one grand­ daughter, Sydney, daughter of Beverly. Dwayne is engaged to be married to Karen Lang on July 29, 2000.

Lome worked for Manitoba Highways Department in Brandon from 1966 - 1996, when he retired. Lome has always been involved in working part of the family farm.

Alice worked at the Manitoba Agriculture Centre for 11 years where she obtained her engineering papers. She is now employed with the Brandon School Division as head custodian at Harrison Middle School.


Myrna, daughter of Clifford and Mary Strand, grand­ daughter of Louis and Christine Strand, is married to Bert Sundberg and presently lives in Parksville, BC. They have three daughters.