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Ray Swiscoski with his team

Ray Allan Swiscoski, son of Paul and Pauline Swiscoski, has retired form his truck driving job in Brandon. He is now residing on SW 16-18-18 and is farm­ ing his mother's land, plus other land. He has been fanning for the past 5 years.

Ray has one son, Paul, who lives at Shilo.


Back row: Keith, David, Tommy, Betty, Tom, Michael and Larry

Centre row: Sandra, Robert, Aria, Lyle, Patrick, Teri, Tammy and Dorothy

Front: Bertha and Carl

Missing: Pam, Steven and Kurt

Carl John Syslak, boru May 11, 1926, son of Henry and Freda Syslak, married Bertha Margret Hutton, boru October 2, 1924, daughter of Bang and Eva Hutton, on October 26, 946, in Clanwilliam, MB. They mixed fanned

and lived on NW 13-16-18 in the RM of Minto until 1982. They moved to Clanwilliam to semi-retire. Their second home is their cabin at Otter Lake. Four children were born of this union:

Larry Carl was born November 25, 1947. On June 1, 1968, LatTY married Dorothy Swift, born November 12, 1949. Two daughters were born: Tammy Lynn, on

ovember 5, 1969 and Theresa (Teri) Dawn on July 10, 1973. Tammy graduated from Forest Management Technology Program at Sault Ste. Marie, ON. She now resides in Prince George, BC. Tammy remains interested in the forest industry and is aspiring to start her own busi­ ness there. Teri graduated in 1992 from O.E.C. III Minnedosa. She is presently employed at Elkhorn Resort and also helps on the farm. LaITY and Dorothy have built a new home on the Clark Wilson fa111 ~ast of Clan william. Larry worked for the CPR in Minnedosa for 32 years and now is enjoying an early retirement. Dorothy, a home­ maker, enjoys sewing, quilting, etc.

David Wayne was born June 30, 1952. He married Aria Scotland, born June 21, 1956. They have two sons. Michael David was boru June 29, 1973 and Patrick Scott was boru July 29, 1977. David is a design technologist for John's Manville and is a fire inspector for the Fire Department in Innisfail, AB. Mike and Pat are both employed at Bristow Welding, a pipeline industry in Alberta. They all make their home in Innisfail.

William Bernard 'Keith' was born January 9, 1955.

Keith married Brenda Suski on March 10, 1978. They were divorced in 1990. Four children were born: Thomas Keith, born on May 8, 1977, now works in the oil fields in Alberta. Pamela Joyce, born April 11, 1979, will grad­ uate from Assiniboine Community College in Brandon in March 2000 as a Comprehensive Health Care Aide. She is employed at the Minnedosa Hospital and Care Home. Robert Douglas, boru February 22, 1983, is attending Minnedosa Collegiate and has a part time job at the Erickson Co-op Service Station. Robert Lyle, born June 2, 1984, also attends M.e.!. Robert and Lyle also help out on the family farm.

Keith married Sandra Pollon, born April 2, 1962, on February 14, 1997. Keith and Sandra live on the family farm and continue to have a mixed farm operation. Sandra also works at the Minnedosa Credit Union. Keith has been a councillor for the R.M. of Minto since 1995.

Elizabeth 'Betty' Evelyn was boru September 24, 1957. Betty owns a yard site in the Bethany District and works for Classic Rock in Neepawa. Betty has two sons. Steven Greg was boru December 27, 1978 and Kurt William was born April 21, 1981. Steven and Kurt Baraniuk live in Salmon Arm, Be. Steven is a transport driver and Kurt will graduate in June 2000.