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IS married to Thomas Clark and lives in BC. They have two children, Jessica and

Anita Nanaimo, Braelton.

Britt is engaged to Arthur Groot. They live in North Vancouver and have a daughter, Taylor Marie.

Carla is married to Cameron Styles and they live in Powell River, Be.


This family has become considerably smaller SInce the 1983 history.

Helga, Mrs. John Larson, the eldest of John and Hanna's children, passed away in the Sandy Lake Senior Citizen's Home in 1988. Her daughter, Gladys (Mrs. Laurence Block) passed away in the Erickson Personal Care Home in ] 999.

Einar and his wife, Elva, continued to live on the home farm, where they enjoyed gardening, winning the municipal prize for the most beautiful rural yard several times. Einar died in 1990. Following this, Elva moved into a house in Erickson during the winters, returuing to the farm in the summers, continuing to maintain the beau­ tiful yard. In 1994, she was stricken with severe rheumatoid arthritis. Her daughter, Carol, who had been employed in Adult Education in Peace River, AB; Chiba City, Japan; Fort St. John, BC; and Whitehorse, Yukon, returued to Erickson in 1996 to take care of Elva. They live in Erickson.

Maitland, Einar and Elva's son, continues to practice Veterinary Medicine in Winnipeg. In 1987, he married Pat Hilder, otBird's Hill. Pat was a widow with four adult chil­ dren, all of whom are now married, and Maitland enjoys being 'Grandpa' to eight little ones. All live in Winnipeg.

Ingaborg (Mrs. Harry Sundmark) passed away in 1986.

Vernon, Harry and Ingaborg's eldest son, is retired and lives in Kelowna with his wife, Myrle. He has seven grandchildren.

Cecil, Harry and Ingaborg's son, and his wife, Irene, continued to live on the farm until 1990, when they sold their land and built a house in Erickson. Irene died Yvry suddenly in 1993. Lynn, Cecil and Irene's daughter, married Mark McMullin in 1996. They live in Vancouver, where Lynn is an assistant pharmacist in the Vancouver General Hospital and Mark is a computer technician. Grant, Cecil and Irene's son, lives in Winnipeg where he works as a merchandiser for Shopper's Drug Mart.


The sixteen years since ~ .!Q.Eililil was published have been filled with many events for the Ron Sweet family and we will tell you the highlights. Margaret retired from Telus on August 17, 1999 after 40 years in operator

services. She is enjoying her retirement and volunteers for the Telephone Pioneers. She now will have more time to spend on her many hobbies, especially sewing, baking and gardening. Ron completed a Master of Science degree in environmental education in 1998 and is presently the prin­ cipal of Mount View Elementary in northeast Calgary. He has also been a member of the traditional country and western band, Cottonwood, since 1986. Tim has recently returned from four months in Europe after graduating from S.A.I.T where he studied culinary arts. He is also work­ ing on an Honors English degree at the U of Calgary. Tim and Jen Cormier are engaged and will be married on July 29th, 2000. Carolyn received her Bachelor of Education degree from the U of Calgary in November 1999, and has a teaching job with the Calgary Board of Education start­ ing in September 2000. She recently spent five months backpacking in Mexico and Central America.


Florence McDonald and Fred Swiscoski were married June 16, 1984 at Erickson. In that same year, they had their new home built on 3rd Street SE. They moved into their home in late October.

Florence continued to work as Director of Nursing at the Erickson District Hospital and was very involved in the planning of the Erickson District Health Centre that opened in 1989. She took an early retirement in June 1990.

Fred was born in the Clanwilliam area, attended Empire School, and then worked for the CNR for thirty­ four years in the Carberry/Neepawa/Erickson areas. He also farmed as a sideline in the Clanwilliam area. He took an early retirement in 1989. On his marriage to Florence, he became an instant father and grandfather and was warmly welcomed into the McDonald/Larson family. Since their retirement, Fred and Florence have done a consider­ able amount of travelling and enjoy camping, fishing and spending time with their family, especially their six grand­ children.

Sherri and Brian Fleming continue to reside in Brandon. Briau is Ulallag"'[ of the Safety Centre, and Sherri is office manager at Brandon Chrysler Dodge. They have three children: Brad (22), Danielle (13) and Teighan (4).

Wendy married Dean Arnold of Foremost, AB, in Las Vegas, evada in 1990. They owned and operated the Cedar Villa Motel and Restaurant at Foremost since 1996 - recently selling the motel but retaining the restaurant. They have two boys: Mackenzie (8) and Cade (6).

Melanie was in partnership with Dean and Wendy in the business until the motel was sold this year. She has purchased a house in Lethbridge, AB, and plans to pursue a career in Homeopathic Medicine and Reiki. She has one son, Holden, age 3.