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is now working in British Columbia's re-forestration proj­ ect.

Frank and Marianna had a beautiful garden with rasp­ berry bushes and lovely potatoes. Auntie's flower beds were something to see.

One does not realize the sacrifices that Frank made for his parents and siblings and we owe him a debt of grat­ itude. Frank passed away in 1990 at the age of 85 years. Mary passed away in the 1970's.

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Steve, Frank and Mike Tkaczuk and Wes Prosak Taken infront of Wes and John Prosak S Store that served as a railway stop.

Steve and Mary

Steve remained at home until he was about 14, also helping on the farm. He left and worked in the

Sandy Lake area, He was in charge of the muskrat ranch that was owned by Mr. Bass who lived in Brandon.

Steve married Mary Kunick in 1933. The Kunicks also lived in Sandy Lake. He then set up a garage with gas pumps in town where he was an auto mechanic. My dad, John, remembers having his blacksmith shop at the rear of the building. My dad and mom and myself stayed with them for awhile. From there, Steve moved his wife and family to Winnipeg, in 1946, where he got a job with Pembina Mountain Clays, manufacturers of clay products. Steve was an ardent hunter and fisherman. Steve and Mary had three children, Eleanor, Gerald and Arnold. Eleanor married Peter Sweryd (now deceased) and they adopted two children, Kevin and Krystal. Eleanor remarried and is now Mrs. Carl Purpur. They reside in Winnipeg. Kevin is a Funeral Director for Bardal Funeral in Winnipeg and Krystal married Jason Chorney on December 23, 1992, in Hawaii. They have one daughter, Kaitlyn Rae, born May 30, 1999. Krystal is currently attending the U. otM. to get her teaching degree. She also is a Paraprofessional for River East School Division. Kevin is married to Patricia Pritchard and they have two children, Adam, born March 30, 1996 and Erin, born December 30, 1997.

Gerald (deceased September 1982) was in the book binding business and had moved his wife, Irene, and son, David to Edmonton, AB. Irene and David still reside in Edmonton. David married Tammy and they have one son, Ryan, born September 11, 1996. He remains in the print­ ing business.

Arnold married Victoria (now deceased) and had one son, Marc. They were divorced. Arnold is in Winnipeg.

Steve passed away in 1988 at the age of 79 years.

Mary passed away in 1982 at the age of 70 years.

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