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Matthew lived with cousins, Annie and Bill Krysko, along with his brother, John, my dad. Matt didn't stay there long and went on to live and work for someone else. He spent many years working at different places, one place being close to where Steve was working. While we visited Kay Sichewski in Horod, in 1995-96, she remembered going to dances with Steve and Matt in Sandy Lake when they were young. (Kay Sichewski's maiden name was a Tkaczuk but we can't figure out how we may be related!)

Matt came east to Dakota Siding to work alongside his brother, John, at the Qually Brothers Farms. He stayed here until he went back to Minnedosa. Matt joined the armed forces PPCLl in 1941-42 and he served overseas for three years. While overseas in Italy, he was seriously wounded by shrapnel being fired at the truck in which he was sitting. He was taken to a military hospital in Besintoke, England, a hospital for head injuries. The shrapnel pierced his head, right shoulder and his lung. This required a plate to be inserted in his head and he still carries around pieces of shrapnel in his shoulder and has the use of one lung only. He was discharged from the army and was unable to do manual labour for the rest of his life. He did work as a comrrussionaire at Red River Community College for a number of years when he moved to Winnipeg. After being discharged from the armed forces he married Helen Adair and they lived in Kinisota with Grandpa Cook. They then moved to Silver Ridge where he had a house built and they lived there until their move to the city (Winnipeg).

Back row: Valerie, Betty and Rose

Seated: Matt (Tkaczuk) Small, Helen and Robert Small

Matt and Helen had four children, their son, the eldest, being Robert and three daughters, Rose, Betty and Valerie.

Matt had to return to the hospital during his time in Silver Ridge because he suffered terrible headaches and heart problems. In later years he had a pacemaker installed. He spent much time in the hospital in Winnipeg. He now suffers from emphysema.

Matt and Helen sold their home in the city in 1995 and moved out to Erickson, where his brother and my father, John, had moved to be close to his and their roots. Erickson had everything, a hospital, personal care home, Senior's home, Senior's Group, schools, good shopping, take out foods, everything one could want good fresh air, They thoroughly enjoyed living in Erickson. Matt and Helen were seriously injured in an automobile acci­ dent in 1997, which resulted in them spending much time in Brandon and Minnedosa hospitals respectively. Everyone thanked God for the miracle that they are still alive today. Matt is now 88. He and Helen live in the Kiwanis Homes in Winnipeg close to their two daughters, Rose and Betty. Robert and his wife, Abby, their son and daughter-in-law, now live in their home in Erickson on Second Street. Robert works at Erickson Co-op. They had lived and worked in Be for 25 years prior to moving to Erickson. They have three children: Tracy, Aaron and Randy and three grandchildren.

Rose and her husband, Larry Jory, are both truck drivers for Mullen Transport. Rose and Larry have two chil­ dren, Leland and Alexandrea. Leland is married and Alexandrea attends college. Betty works for Canadian News in an administrative position. Betty was married but is now divorced. Valerie (not married) lives in Ottawa and works for the Canadian Government.

John (Tkaczuk) Small

John, my dad, went to live with a cousin, Annie and Bill Krysko when his mother died. He then went to work for Nick Synchyshyn and attended Westmount School. He stayed at Senchyshens for about a year. From there he went to live with Dave and Ethel Curwins on the home-