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Shortly thereafter, she worked for the City of Grande Prairie. This led her to further employment at the Catholic School Board's head office, where she continued to work until 1997.

In 1997 the family decided to make a major change in their lifestyle and moved back to the family farm in Scandinavia. Here they built a home and, in 1998, started a herd of fallow deer and bison. History should note that, like Basil and Sadie Woloshen who were among the first to raise charolais cows and grow alfalfa in the area, Les and Donna are the first to raise deer and bison in the R.M. of Clan william. At present, the deer herd is at 60 head and the bison at 21 head.

In 1999, Donna started Bare Essentials From Nature, a company providing hand made all natural bath and beauty products.

Presently the family continues to follow their dreams and plans to remain in Scandinavia for a long time to come.


Valerie has three children: Jenna, born on July 31, 1991; Jacob, born on April 3, 1996; and Jeremy, born on September 29, 1997.

Jenna and I moved to Saskatoon inApri11994. I met Danny a year later and, since then, we have added two sons to our family, Jacob and Jeremy.

I acquired a data entry position at Ceridian Canada in June 1996, which I am still doing. In December of 1998, I also began a self-employed, part-time residential clean­ ing business. In July 1999, I obtained my class 2 license, with the S endorsement, and have just begun employment with Hertz orthem Bus, driving a school bus.


Gerald, born October 14, 1959, son of Frank and

ellie W oywada, remains farming in the Hilltop district where he operates a mixed farm. During his spare time, Gerald enjoys fishing, hunting, camping and visiting family and friends.

Susan, born April 8, 1960, daughter of Gordon and Selma Skoglund, is working as a Licensed Practical Nurse at the Erickson District Health Centre. During her spare time Susan enjoys curling, camping, fishing and helping out with the Erickson Pathfinders,

The family resides on NW 22-17-17 and live in the house that the Jonas Larson family built around 1904.

Gerald and Susan have two children. Britany was born March 19, 1987 in Brandon. She will be going into Grade 8 in the Erickson Collegiate. Britany enjoys singing, playing the clarinet, being part of the Erickson Pathfinders and camping. Jarett was born December 4, 1991 III

Winnipeg. Jarett passed into Grade 3 in the Erickson Elementary School. Jarett enjoys fishing, camping, play­ ing soccer, visiting with his friends and helping his dad on the farm.


Oliver and Irene sold the dairy farm and moved into Erickson. Oliver passed away July 31, 1987 at the Erickson Hospital. Irene sold the house and bought a Manufactured Home and lived in the trailer court. Irene enjoys playing the piano, oil painting and dancing. In 1997, Irene met Donald Montgomery and they were married Febrnary 10, 1998, at the United Church in Minnedosa, MB. They moved to Brandon, MB where they reside to this day. Donald was in the Air Force for 28 years then retired and bought a sheep fann in New Zealand where he farmed for 5 years. He returned to Canada and did renovation work in Calgary, AB. Donald retired and settled in Clanwilliam, MB where he met Irene Wrnth.

Oliver and Irene's children:

Delbert is still with the RCMP and works at Parksville, Be. He lives in Nanaimo, BC and in his spare time, fixes computers, hunts and enjoys sailing on his sail­ boat. He has three sons. Shawn, born July 21, 1973, married Audra on July 6, 1995, and they live in Seattle, Washington. They have a baby boy, Hunter. Trenton, born April 21, 1977, married Melody on September 27, 1997, and lives in Genelle, BC. They have a boy named Jacob and a girl named Emily Jo. Trenton enjoys fishing in his spare time. Brendan, born January 19, 1983, is 17 years old and is in High School. He enjoys hunting with his father.

Tom (See Wrnth, Thomas and Diane)

Donna moved from Winnipeg to Erickson III 1988.

In 1997, she moved to Brandon where she currently resides. She enjoys reading, watching TV, ceramics and, for the last 5 years, has been working on the Wrnth Family Tree, which has now been completed.

Allan (See Wrnth, Allan and Karen)

Sheila and Brian Smith divorced and Sheila remained in Russell raising Curtis and Tracy. She became Loans Officer at the Rossbum Branch of the newly amalgamated Credit Union (which included seven branches) called Vanguard Credit Union Limited. She met and married Alan Kuzmicki in 1987 and moved from the Town of Russell to the farm. They have two children: Keralea, born June 1988 and Michael, born January 1990. After Keralea was born, Sheila remained on the farm to raise the children of the marriage. She left the marriage and, with the children, relocated to Brandon, MB in August 1996. She is now working for Samaritan House Ministries Inc. as coordinator of the Resource Centre and responsible for the account­ ing procedures. The Resource Centre is responsible for the City of Brandon and area's Food Bank, and many other