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programs including Residential Second Stage Housing for abused women, Christmas Store for children, Houseware Program for people in need, and an agency to support volunteer and community hours and work programs. Separately, in another location, is the Adult Training Centre, which receives many supports from the Resource Centre. Curtis is living in Edmonton, AB and married Cathy Cyr in August 1999. Curtis and Cathy have a daughter, Shayla, and another child to arrive soon. Tracy is living in Brandon, MB and married to Dallis Wray in October 1999. Sheila's hobbies include teaching a computer Power Up course to women, dancing occasionally, but mostly raising her chil­ dren. Keralea enjoys reading, Girl Guides of Canada and soccer. Michael enjoys softball, video games, street hockey and active sports, especially outdoors!

Mark (See Wruth, Mark and Lynne)

Regan and Barb parted ways and Regan met Debbie Montgomery. They moved to Peace River, AB where Regan began working on a cattle ranch. They were married February 21, 1987 at Peace River, AB. They have two children: Meagan, boru November 29, 1985 and Tyson, boru November 15, 1987. After a few years they moved back to Manitoba and Regan went into the dairy business. The Dairy Farm was sold and Regan and Debbie parted ways. Regan met Cindy Buechler in 1993 and they married on May 28, 1994. They have a child named Rylee Ann Wruth, boru on June 5, 1995. Regan and Cindy, with their children Rylee, Tyson and Meagan, live in Forrest, MB. Regan works for Heritage Co-op Agro Department III Minnedosa. He is a qualified sprayer-applicator operator among many other talents. Cindy works in Brandon at her family's business, Ceramic Cellar. Meagan attends Elton Collegiate in Forrest. Tyson attends Forrest Elementary School in Forrest and Rylee goes to a Daycare Centre in Brandon but will be attending Forrest Elementary for Kindergarten in the fall.

Garrett and Kim had one son, Cody, boru September 25, 1983. They parted ways and Garrett met Delinda Piper in 1986 in Edmonton, AB. She has a son, Shawn, from a previous relationship, and Garrett adopted him in 1992. Garrett and Delinda were married in 1990 in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 1994, they were blessed with a little girl named Kendra. Garrett has worked for Sanjel Corporation for the past 13 years. He has had to relocate many times to get to the position where he is now. Garrett is a Cement Operation Manager for the Grande Prairie Station. They have lived in Grande Prairie for two years now. Garrett's hobby is a new adventure, 'Birdland Hunting Grounds' for pheasant and turkey hunts, located at the Bad Heart River. Delinda has been working inside the home since the birth of Kendra. She keeps herself very busy running the household. She enjoys baking, reading and spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys camping and fishing. Garrett and Delinda have three children. Cody is in Grade 10. His

hobbies are hunting, fishing, riding his dirt bike and listen­ ing to music. He also likes to fix motors. Shawn is in Grade 9. Both boys attend Sexsmith Secondary School in Sexsmith. Shawn's hobbies are soccer and volleyball and he is a movie buff. He also is in his second year in 4-H with his horse named Phantom. Kendra attends Kindergarten in TeePee Creek. Her hobbies are doing crafts, playing with her dolls and loves outdoor activities. She loves to go to Sunday School.

Melvin married Marjorie Parrott on September 22, 1984 in the Erickson Lutheran Church. They resided on the shores of Otter Lake where they farmed. They moved to Kenton in 1990 where they purchased a dairy farm. In 1997 they sold the dairy and moved to Neepawa and purchased a sheep farm. Marjorie works as a Comprehensive Health Care Aide in Neepawa. Melvin and Marjorie have three children. Yasemin was boru in 1985 and is in Grade 9 at the NeepawaArea Collegiate Institute. She is very athletic and is on the senior volleyball team and is also involved in drama. Her hobbies are sewing, read­ ing, music and she loves animals. She has also been involved in tap, jazz and ballet in Brandon since she was 4 years old. Shane was boru in 1986 and is in Grade 7, attending N.A.C.I. He is involved in volleyball, basketball, soccer and flag football. He is presently with the Neepawa Rifle Club. His hobbies are reading, cross-country skiing, woodworking and hunting. Nicole, boru in 1988, is in Grade 5 at Hazel M. Kellington School. She has been involved in tap, jazz and ballet since the age of 4. She loves to read, socialize, travel, shop and she loves her cats!


Tom, boru in 1948, moved to Erickson with his family III 1964. Tom received his education in Erickson. He worked part-time at the Co-op Service Station and Gordon's Service. For the past 30 years he has worked at Parkwood Auto Ltd. In 1970 he married Diane Strand and they had two sons, Jason and Chad. Diane was boru in 1949 and was educated in Erickson. She worked at the Co-op Store from 1967 until 1972, leaving to raise their two sons. She returued to the Co-op in 1977 and is presently employed there.

Jason was boru in 1972. He attended school in Erickson and graduated in 1990. He then went out to the work world, ending up in Edmonton working for Purolator. There he met his wife, Joanne. They were married March 18, 1997. June 2, 1998 their daughter, Sydney, was born. They still reside in Edmonton.

Chad was boru in 1975. He attended school in Erickson and graduated in 1994. He started working for Parkwood Auto Ltd. in 1995 and is still employed there. He resides at home.