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IRIS'S KUTS & KURLS Submitted by Iris Karton

Iris S Kuts & Kurls

On August 11, 1998, after working nine years at Erickson Hair Care Centre for Beruice Battersby, I opened a hair salon in my home. Located at 24-2nd Street SW, the former John Anderson/Ted Nielson home, I, Iris Karton, converted the dining room into a hair salon. After a very good first year, I added a ramp and deck on the north side to accommodate the handicapped.


Submitted by Wayne Dimmery

I moved to Erickson in October 1984 from Neepawa.

I worked at a car dealership selling cars at Neepawa. I bought the business known as M & M Grocery from Joe Lenkewich.

I run the business as a convenience store. In April 1999, the old building was demolished and a new larger store was put up in the same place. The new store opened in June 1999.

MANITOBA (ERICKSON) POOL ELEVATOR Submitted by Norval and Joan Lee

Manitoba Pool Elevator

As we write this update of the history of the Manitoba Pool Elevator in Erickson it will also close the chapter of the existence of this grain company in the province.

Byron Mason remained as grain buyer in Erickson until 1993 when the future of the facility became uncer­ tain. Don Hunt replaced him until the elevator was closed in 1994. Roy Hulley was the last assistant manager. Norval Lee served as delegate to M.P .E. for 25 years until the merger with Alberta Pool created the new company, Agricore, in 1998.

The local elevator was demolished in June 1995, followed by the removal of the rail line in 1996. These events were of great local interest and created a universal sadness in the community.

The Rossburu Subdivision has since been tnrned into a trail for walking and biking and is part of the Trans­ Canada Trail.


Cam McInnes Plumbing and Heating was established III 1994, when Cam left Parks Canada to start up his own business. In 1997, Cam acquired his electrical license; hence the name change to Cam McInnes Plumbing, Heating and Electrical.

Cam was married to Arden Sheryl McDonald in 1986.

They live on Duncan McInnes' old homestead five miles south of Erickson, SW 8-17-18W. They have two daugh­ ters: Kelsea, who was born in 1989 and Torea, who was born in 1994. (See McInnes, Lachlan and Johanna).


On September 18,1988, Jim McMunn purchased the pharmacy owned by William Earley, formerly named Earley's Pharmacy Ltd. Earley's Pharmacy was established in 1963 from previous owner Jack Edwards, whom had owned the drugstore from 1953. Howard Shaw had opened the new pharmacy in 1934 and later sold it to Jack Edwards. The location of the drugstore was moved from the build­ ing at 43 Main Street to 41 Main Street in the mid-1980's.


Nordic Inn owners from 1984 - September 1985

1984 to present:

Wide West Ent. Ltd. (Mike, Hazel, Leonard and Donna Gulay)

Don Carriere

Royal Bank

John Kelly

Ric Wahoski

Lenn and Sandi Carlson

September 1985 - 1990 1990 - February 1992 February 1992 - May 1994 May 1994 -April 1996 April 1996 - present