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Arthur Platt

1 am a lawyer and was called to the bar in 1984. In 1986 I purchased the Minnedosa Law Practice of Ruth McNeill and my family and I moved to Minnedosa. Prior to that I had been practicing law in Virden since 1984.

In November of 1987 I opened a part-time law office in Erickson. I began coming to Erickson on Tuesdays and have now been doing this each week for the past 13 years.

From the start in 1987, I felt very welcomed by many people. Partly, this is because my office, at that time, was in the building at 32 Main Street, then owned by Lance Shell bom. I found Glen, Ada and Lance and, in fact, all of the Shellborus to be very friendly and helpful. My office was in the East side of the building. One of the things I remember was that for a while, Islay Shell born had a thriv­ ing business making dolls in the back area. Since 1987 the building has had a few owners, but is now owned by Glen's daughter, Lana.

In approximately 1993 I decided to move across the street to 31 Main Street. This is the building immediately west of Parkwood Auto. My landlords are Mavis and Wendell Johnston. They are also very friendly and help­ ful people. Soon after I moved in, without my asking, Wendell constructed a dividing wall in the office so that I could have both a private office area and waiting room for clients. I was very grateful to Wendell for doing that.

In 1992, my family and I decided to move from Minnedosa to Neepawa so that I could establish a law practice in Neepawa. In 1994 I closed my Minnedosa office. One of my reasons for doing that was to be able to increase my time in Erickson on Tuesdays as I found that I was quite busy.

From my Erickson and Neepawa offices I carryon a typical rural general practice. The main areas of law that I do are wills and estates, all types of real estate transac­ tions including residential, farm and commercial and business law, including incorporation and farm related transactions. I also handle some court cases.

Over the years, I am privileged to have gotten to know many people in the Erickson area. I really enjoy my Tuesdays in Erickson and hope to continue meeting people and working in Erickson for many years to come.


Present Royal Bank

The Royal Bank at Erickson was opened on August 8, 1919 with two staff members.

The present premises were completely renovated the summer of 1995. Since then, the branch was temporarily closed, twice, with staff working out of temporary facili­ ties - February 1996 to October 1997 and, again, December 1998 to February 1999 for more renovations, due to envi­ ronmental problems.

Managers during this time were Tom Mochnacz, January 1979 - May 1994; Craig Senchuk, May 1994- July 1996; Ron Dresler, July 1996 - December 1998. Present managers of Business and Agricultural are Ron Jolmson and Ron Dresler.

The present staff members, as of December 31, 1999, are Dorothy Brewer, Elaine Lougheed, Wendy Spraggs, Donna Vaughan, Kim Fleming and Pat Skatch.

ST. JOHN AND ST. JOHN Barristers and Solicitors

St. John and st. JOhllpf Minnedosa, have operated a branch office in Erickson since 1950.

During this period the late Cecil L. St. John, Q.c., Sid Lachter, Glen St. John, and presently, Don St. John, Q.C. have worked as lawyers in the office.

The Erickson law practice had been carried on by the late R. J. McKenzie, following his discharge from the Canadian Army at the end of the First World War.

The land on which the office building was built was bought from Howard Shaw, owner of the adjoining drug store.