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Submitted by Arlene Waddell (Secretary of Retreads 2000)

Recycling began in Erickson in 1990 as a project initiated by the Retreads, a group of ladies who met together for enjoyment and community betterment.

As the recycling project unfolded, each month on an early Saturday morning, rain or shine, the Retreads manned an outdoor recycling depot at the west end of Main Street and at Barney's Garage during the cold winter months. As the bags of garbage were brought to the Depot the ladies sorted it, the material was placed on gaylords and these onto half-ton trncks provided by the husbands of the members. Albert Johnson supplied the lowbed and organized the pickup and delivery.

The late Ernie Gudbranson, an employee of RMNP at the time, assisted the ladies and hauled the full gay lords to Dauphin. Pick-ups were made at Onanole and RMNP. Ernie's assistance was invaluable. The Retreads contributed to a scholarship fund in his memory.

To encourage recycling in the area, several members of the Retreads spoke at the Elementary School, Parkland Home and to church groups, to promote community partic­ ipation. Several articles were placed in the Minnedosa Tribune for public awareness.

While co-operating with RMNP, the recycling program began to mushroom into mega proportions. It is estimated that approximately 13 tons of recyclable mate­ rials were collected in Erickson during a one-year period.

In September 1992, RMNP informed the Retreads that they were adopting the blue box system, and we could no longer work with them. The Retreads approached the Town Council to ask them to carry on the project, as it was grow­ ing too large for the Retreads to handle.

In June 1993, the South Mountain Waste Management Group was formed involving 3 participating municipali­ ties and RMNP. In 1994, the town set up bins for recycling which continue the project to this day.

On Febrnary 13, 1995, at a luncheon at Elkhorn Ranch, a lovely picture was presented to the Retreads by RMNP in appreciation of their recycling efforts and their contribution to a cleaner environment. Today, the picture hangs in the Library as a reminder of our efforts.

Back row: Madeline Bishop, Arlene Waddell, Helen Woychyshyn, Katherine Pollon, Irene Wruth, Gale Johnson and Ernie Gudbranson

Front row: Audrey Carlson, Kay Kotyk, Florence Swiscoski, Mavis Johnson, Ivy Carter


The South Mountain Waste Management Group was formed in 1993, composed of a committee of representa­ tives of the Town of Erickson, R.M. of Clan william, R.M. of Park and Riding Mountain National Park. Because of environmental concerns for waste management, it was felt that this partnership would take a collective approach to waste management, reduce overall costs and improve effi­ ciency and compliance.

Having brought landfill sites to higher standards and management in 1994, the group wished to direct their efforts for 1995-96 to the area of handling and marketing recyclables, with a goal of establishing an agreement between the partners of the South Mountain Waste Management Group, in order to cohesively increase the productivity, efficiency and management of all recyclable products within the region. The committee was given the mandate to investigate the constrnction and operation of a central regional recycling depot for the collection, sort­ ing, baling and transport to market of all recyclables from the region.

A five-year business plan was proposed and an agree­ ment was strnck between entities and, in 1996-97, a 40' x 60' recycling facility was built in the Town of Erickson. The official opening of South Mountain Recycling Centre took place September 26, 1997, out of which the recy­ cling program in partnership continues to grow, thanks to community Ire gional support.

In 1999 a total of 77 ,922 kj lograms of material was recycled and marketed. The annual budget is based on contributions of the partnership and through sales of recy-