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As plans were being made for Homecoming 2000, it was suggested that the Eorest .10 History Book, published in 1984, be updated. In October of 1997, a group came together and began to make plans for a book to contain the history of the Town of Erickson and the Rural Municipality of Clan william up to the end of 1999.

This book does not cover as lengthy a period of years as ~.1Q ful.d. Volume I, but a record of the changes that have taken place in the area and its families in the intervening sixteen years will be of interest in the present and of value in the future.

As families have grown and spread to other places, a part of their loyalties always remain with what they still consider their home community. It is hoped that the histories contained in this book will help to maintain the connections between former neighbours.

We would like to thank:

There has been a number who helped in various ways for longer or shorter periods of time. Almost no one who took part in the original meetings was able to stay throughout the process. Therefore, the names of those who helped are not listed.