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I send my warmest congratulations to the people of the Town of Erickson and the Rural Municipality of Clan william on your successful efforts to preserve the history of your region,

With the publication ofYolume I I of Forest to Field, you have recorded the memories and accomplishments of generations of Canadians - from the first Swedes and Norwegians who settled in the area to the vibrant mosaic of cultural backgrounds that you enjoy today,

As well as honouring early pioneers, these local histories help us to understand the overall development of Canadian society, The impressive civic achievements of the Town of Erickson and the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam - the churches, schools, hospital, businesses, the skating and curling rinks - have made your region a dynamic place to live, and reflect the aspirations of all Canadians,

You are justly proud of your municipality, and I am sure you will continue to guard its environment and to protect its well-being, This update of Forest to Field is proof of your solid commitment to the life and history of your community,

Adrienne Clarkson

June 2001