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communion service and more special mUSIC. Immediately following, everyone moved on to Scandinavia to the old cemetery, now a beautiful park-like spot, for an outdoor picnic. Games and competitions followed. Then the cele­ brations were brought to a close with a touching service with Pastor Sundmark bringing the message and Pastor Bergman closing this so special event with words of appre­ ciation and thanksgiving. Once again, the 'Faith of Our Fathers' had been shared.


Hilltop Baptist Church continues to have Sunday services, Sunday School and DVBS.

Greg Costen was appointed pastor III 1985 with his wife, Mary. Two daughters, Amy and Ashley, were born during the time they served here. He resigned in 1987.

Lawrence Larson, who had grown up in the commu­ nity and church, was then called as pastor with his wife, Ruth. During the summers, he worked in children's camps. Children greatly enjoyed his ability to tell Bible stories. Lawrence had a great impact on the church and commu­ nity and all were saddened at his untimely death in 1988.

Bill Martens and his wife Mary, served as interim pastor unti I he joined the Continental Mission, working in northern Manitoba.

In 1989, Henry Jones, from Ignace, ON, was called to serve with his wife, Alice. Their youngest son, Dan, accompanied them and graduated from Erickson Collegiate. The Jones also have three other children who were grown at the time of their arrival. Alice passed away in July 1992.

Various improvements have been made to the church building. A second entrance to the basement was built in 1989 and, in 1993, renovations were made to the basement and water works installed. The tower of the church was shingled and the interior painted.

In 1995, the church was a busy place as plans were made for the hundredth anniversary celebration that took place on August 4-6, 1996. Events began on Friday evening with registration, singing and a wiener roast. On Saturday morning a pancake breakfast was served. That afternoon, a program was held outdoors with memories shared by families of the charter members and much music. A plaque and cairn were dedicated at the site of the first church building. In the evening, a banquet was held at the Legion Hall with musical numbers and reminiscing by former pastors. Sunday morning the guest speaker was Charles Nethercott who had been pastor of the church 1954-1960.

The congregation of Hilltop Baptist Church prays that the church will continue to be a blessing in this commu­ nity.


Submitted by J. Borys

The first meeting was held on June 6, 1976 to organ­ ize and have a Knights of Columbus Council at Minnedosa and surrounding area. In order to have a council a mini­ mum of thirty practicing Catholic men had to join.

The first Grand Knight was Jack Vanderhulst from Erickson. The charter members were: C. Andreychuk, J. Borys, V. Boyko, H. Brnce, R. Dmytriw, G. Johnson, K. Johnson, C. M. Fraucher, A. Gobin, P. Kotch, Rev. A. Korewa, W. Kiliwnik, J. Leganchuk, J. Levich, F. Macksymchuk, J. T. Marcino, B. A. Marcy, A. P. Ogibowski, A. Pitura, P. P. Podrnski, P. A. Podrnski, J. M. Pshyshlak, R. T. Sali, R. Smith, P. Sulymka, S. C. Swann, P. G. Trembley, J. M. Van Dam, J. Vanderhulst and R. A. Zatylny.

The area was very large and included Minnedosa, Basswood, Newdale, Shoal Lake, Rossburn, Oakburn, Elphinstone, Sandy Lake, Erickson, Mountain Road and Onanole. Some of the members came from other councils like Neepawa and Brandon, so we had members with expe­ rience to start.

The first project was to raise money. We started with a concession booth at the Minnedosa Fair and it did very well. A year later, members volunteered and built a booth on wheels that is still used at fairs, auction sales, ball tour­ naments, reunions and celebrations. At the same time we built a float we use in parades. Other ideas to raise money were raffles, flea markets, whist drives and the '200 Club'.

The K ofC order stands for 'Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism'. Most of our charities go to hospitals and nursing homes. We furnished rooms in the new hospitals in Erickson and Minnedosa. We have donated money for heart monitors, defibrillators, phototherapy, ambulances, Handivans, Apello wrist alarms and meals on wheels ovens. Other donations went toward the gazebo at Sandy Lake Nursing Home and also to the Handivan garage. Monitors were also donated to Rossburn and Shoal Lake Hospitals. We donated money for wheelchairs for the handicapped, like MS, cerebral palsy and cancer patients. Fire victims get a donation in our area.

Scholarships were made to Elphinstone, Erickson, Minnedosa and Roblin Collegiates but have now been discontinued, due to lack of funds. A coloring contest is still held in the elementary schools, with cash for prizes and pens for all that enter. The theme is 'Keep Christ in Christmas'. During the Christmas Season, we put up large billboards at each town with 'Keep Christ in Christmas'. Every Christmas, carols are sung at Sandy Lake, Erickson and Minnedosa Nursing Homes. Also, a large frnit basket is donated to each home.