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At one time, we held K of C hockey tournaments, basketball free-throw and snowmobile rallies, but have discontinued these events due to lack of help.

On June 9, 1982 the area west ofElphinstone formed another council with Oakburn as its center. This divided the area in half. We still maintained over thirty members in each council.

The past Grand Knights are Jack Vanderhulst, Wally Yanchycki, Walter Kiliwnik, Aime Gobin, Mike Tkachuk, Joseph Borys, Paul Fedorkie, Ed Kulchyski, Terry Yanchycki and Gerrard Roy.

One of our greatest events was when one member of our council was ordained a deacon in 1992. In 1998, after more studies, Deacon Mike was ordained a priest in the Ukrainian rite. Fr. Mike is our Chaplin now, in 1999.

Our council has earned many awards in achieve­ ments. We do a lot of volunteer work in church and in our communities. In the twenty-three years we have had members come and go, eighteen former members are now deceased. Every November we have a memorial service for them.

We still maintain a strong council and have new members joining every year.


St. Jude S Church

St. Jude S Rectory

Since 1984 our parish has continued to thrive. From 1986 to 1991, Bishop Adam Exner conferred the Sacrament of Confirmation to fifty young candidates and 1 adult. In 1996, Bishop Leonard Wall confirmed eighteen young candidates at st. Jude's.

A new rectory was built in 1989 while Father Jim Cink was Pastor. The rectory was built by contractor Alex Moroz of Onanole. The mortgage burning was held September 18, 1995.

In 1991, Gallus Oberholzer built the bell tower that was blessed by Bishop Exner that same year.

In 1997, a new cross, built by Joe Ryznar, was erected at the Catholic Cemetery which is located at the South end of Queen Elizabeth Road. The cemetery is maintained by the parishioners.

At present, the parishes of St. Anthony of Padua at Jackfish and st. Elizabeth at Polonia are served from st. Jude's Church. St. Anthony's was closed to regular Sunday Masses in 1990. The parishioners now attend either in st. Jude's, Erickson, or Sacred Heart, Elphinstone. A yearly celebration for the feast of St. Anthony is usually held in June.

St. Elizabeth was closed to regular Sunday Masses in 1995. The parishioners now attend either st. Jude's, Erickson or St. Dominic's in Neepawa. They have a yearly celebration in the well-known Pilgrimage, held in July. Both churches are opened for funerals, weddings, anmver­ saries and baptisms.

A yearly service is held at st. Peter and st. Paul Church at Wisla, northwest of Elphinstone, which is served by the pastor at st. Jude's.

st. Jude's pastors from 1978 to the present time are as follows:

1978 - 1983 Father Joachim Musholik
1983 - 1985 Father Sean Cahill
1985 - 1989 Father Jim Cink
1989 - 1993 Father Paul Hanko
1993 - 1999 Father Ted Lubecki

1999 - present Deacon Conrad Plante

This is the first time that st. Jude's has been served by a deacon. Deacon Conrad Plante and wife, Jeannine, live in the rectory. Sunday celebrations are held every Sunday and once a month, a priest, Father Chris Soeterboek, comes to celebrate Holy Eucharist. Monthly celebrations are also held at the Sandy Lake Nursing Home by the st. Jude's pastor.

At present, Archbishop Leonard Wall is Archbishop of the Diocese of Winnipeg.


As we continue from 1984 issue of our Ecrest, .10 history book, we are still working as a group. Every year we hold the Christmas Bazaar, Valentine Tea and Spring Bazaar for which homemade quilts are still being made. As money raising, we have continued making pero­ gies which are now being sold at the Heritage Co-op. During these years, we have catered to weddings, anniver-