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Back row: Kim Shynkaruk (E.A.), C. J Prosper, Darnell McKay, Dre Brass, Nellie Amyotte, Alice Mclnnes (teacher) 2nd row: Torea Mcinnes, Jade Wilson, Breanne Yew-Gaywish, Ruth Shannacappo, Jordyn Maduke, Mary McKay, Kelsi Hamberg

Front row: Jeremy Lewandoski and Greyowl Gaywish

Back row: Ms. K. Shynkaruk, Lucas Wilson, Terrell Amyotte, Lance McKay, Cyril Huntinghawk, Dustin French, and Mrs. L. Mclnnes

2nd row: Ms. A. Gaywish, Shinayne Quewezance, Serena Huntinghawk, Serena Amyotte, Ashton Tiller, Kristen Kologinski, Lailan Wilson, Doyle Wilson

Front row: Leaha McKay and Ricky Kowalick