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Back row: Mrs. B. Chapman, Joshua McKay, Dylan Huntinghawk, Matthew Bennett, Dustin Wilson,

Jordan Lewandosky, Ms. D. McKay

2nd row: Brendan Snyder, Jarett Woywada, April McKay, Dana Shannacappo, Robert Front row: Keri Choken, Nicole Synchyshyn, Dristen Kologinski, Lindsay Kowalick, Randi Huntinghawk, Megan Woloshen, Keely LeVasseur

Ewashko, Cody Berg Winnifred Amyotte,

Back row: Aaron McKay, Matthew Safroniuk, Claren Shannacappo, Jessie Richie, Ian Shannacappo

2nd row: Mrs. S. Hall, Amanda Larsen, Jenelle Huntinghawk, Janine Wilson, Ashley Gregorash, Devon Shields, Ms. D. Gaywish

Front row: Tee Jay Boles and Alexander McFarlane