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The Legion Branch and the Ladies Auxiliary changed the summer break to July and August.

In 1991, Harriet Hodges was presented a pendant for her years of service in the canteen.

In 1992, Certificates of Appreciation and the Auxiliary Pendant was presented to Sylvia Holmberg and Isla Cutter for their years of service in the canteen. A Life Membership was awarded to Katie Challborn.

In 1995, the Ladies Auxiliary participated in the Tulip Tribute at Clear Lake, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of World War II. Linda Squance was awarded a Past-President L. A. Medal and Bar for her service as President, 1989-1994.

In 1996, Harriet Hodges was awarded a Meritorious Life Membership and in 1997, was presented a locket in appreciation for her years of service as treasurer for the Auxiliary, 1968-1996. Leona Smith was awarded a Past­ President Medal and Bar for service as President 1995-1996. Our adopted veteran at Deer Lodge Hospital, Mr. Victor Smith, passed away. We have supported veter­ ans with letters and gifts for birthdays and Christmas over the years.

In 1998, the ladies had renovations made to the kitchen with painting, new floor covering, and new kitchen

cabinets installed with the help of the men from the Branch. A Life Membership Award was presented to Anne Koroscil. Bertha Syslak was presented a Certificate of Appreciation and the Legion Pendant for her years of service as secre­ tary, 1978-1998. Madeline Bishop was awarded a Past-President Medal and Bar as President 1997-1998.

In 1999, Bertha Syslak was awarded a Meritorious Life Membership for her outstanding service.

The ladies participate with the Branch to carry the colors for the monthly meetings. The 4-H Public Speaking is sponsored by the Branch and the ladies sponsor two cate­ gories with trophies and cash donation for each participant. They also provide lunch. A Mother's Day and Remembrance Day Luncheon are an annual event. Donations are made annually to various charity organiza­ tions, the Erickson Health Centre Foundation for equipment required, the Ambulance Service, the Fire Department for the Jaws of Life, a participant is sponsored to attend the Legion Athletic Camp at the International Peace Gardens and support is given to the local community. The Ladies continue to serve at member weddings, teas, funerals and other commitments.

The membership to the end of 1999 is 35.

Legion Auxiliary #143

Back row: Bertha Sys/ak, Lily Wilmot, Sophie Miko, Liz Shewchuk, Katherine Pol/on, Harriet Hodges, Anne Marie Kingdon

Centre row: Dorothy Syslak, Florence Swiscoski, Anne Koroscil, Kay Mayor; Ethel Chambers, Katie Challborn, Sylvia Holmberg

Front row: Evelyn Lewandoski, Wilma Jacobson, Madeline Bishop, Linda Squance and Shirley Steele