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Carlson, G. L. Clark J. G. Grodecki, 1. Haralson, O. 1. Kozak, S. Neilson, D. M. O'Brian, W. E. Pollon, J. R. Young, J. F. Mayor, G. Winder, J.

Podruski, T.P. Rognan, E. R. Sharp, H. T Smith, M. D. Vaughan, T. W. Wickstrom, F. E. Woodcock, G. H. Woodcock, K. J.

Erickson, H. Reid, 1. A.

Reid, N.


In 1922, the residents in and surrounding the village of Clanwilliam decided to have a Cenotaph built in the village in memory of the men who had lost their lives in World War 1. Lot 1 and 2 of plan 7391 were vacant and that was the location chosen for the Cenotaph. It is not known where it was built, but it was delivered on the train.

A man by the name of Bill Lee, boru in 1866 and died in 1964, spent most of his life in Clanwilliam and was the volunteer caretaker for the Cenotaph and surrounding grounds. He planted trees and beautiful flower gardens and made walkways, creating a park around the Cenotaph. In 1948, he was no longer able to maintain it. A Veterans Association was organized to assume the caretaking respon­ sibilities of the Cenotaph. In 1995, the R.M. of Minto took over the responsibilities of the Cenotaph. In 1957 the light fixtures at the Cenotaph were donated by M. E. Greenlaw.

There are 30 World War I veterans and 10 World

War II veterans listed on the Cenotaph.

1. Attenborough H. Millen
E. Anderson A. 1. Minns
H. T. Ash 1. Madill
1. F. Brown R. E. McJannet
1. Beeby G. O. Pederson
J. Bryson H. Proven
H. J. Cook E. Proven
S. Carter J. A. Raney
F. R. Cook H. Rance
B. Ewens J. Syslak
E. H. Eldred H. Sanderson
H. 1. Hulbert G. Stead
e. e. King A. Soucey
H. Kliment C. Thompson
L. McMillan A. F. Vanderpump

Wm. Birch Ray Dow A. Josland

H. Moad

Wm. McBratney

W. Pedersen D. Pollon R.Pollon

H. Woodcock K. Woodcock


This cairn, situated in the village of Onanole, was built III 1984 at a cost of $3,000.00. It was financed by the Onanole Legion Branch #191, the Onanole United Church and a substantial donation from Elsie Hall of Victoria, Be. Tom Arkison built the base and Dave Proven built the stone. The Dedication Service was held on November 11, 1984. There are three plaques on this cairn.

The plaque on the front, facing east, reads as follows:

This cairn erected by the Onanole United Church and the Onanole Legion Branch # 19l. Dedicated November 11, 1984.

The plaque on the right side, facing north, reads as follows:

To honor all those comrades who paid the supreme sacrifice in both World Wars 1914-1918 and 1939-1945.

The plaque on the left side, facing south, reads as follows:

To honor World War I veterans and pioneers who settled in this area and their children who served in World War II.


The Erickson Legion Ladies Auxiliary # 143 was granted a charter December 11, 1938 and has continued to hold their meetings the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

In 1985, renovations were made to the canteen. The wall between the former bar and the canteen was removed and the canteen made larger. The ladies sponsored Tannis Wilmot to a Ski Training Camp and Garry Nylen to attend the Manitoba Special Olympics. The Auxiliary received 50 tulip bulbs at a 2A District meeting and donated them to the Parkland Home.

In 1986, the ladies made afghans for the Erickson Hospital and lap rugs for the Sandy Lake Care Home resi­ dents. A wheelchair was purchased for one of the members of the Auxiliary, so she could get out more. A number of ladies attended a Color Party School in Brandon, a Color Party was organized and we participate with the Legion Branch at parades in the area.

In 1987, the Auxiliary sponsored Mike Weedon to attend the Aerospace Camp at the University of North Dakota. The Ladies Color Party participated with the Legion Branch at the Color Party Day held at the Peace Gardens. Lil Wilmot was awarded a Past-President L. A. Medal and Bar for her service as President, 1985-1988.

In 1989, Life Membership Awards were presented to Lil Wilmot, Bertha Syslak, Anne Marie Kingdon and Della Nylen.

In 1990, the ladies supported the Legion Branch in purchasing the Handivan and construction of the garage.