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Legislative Building Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA R3C OV8



On behalf 0/ the Province of Manitoba, it is my very great pleasure to extend greetings and congratulations to the residents of the Village of Erickson and the Rural Municipality 0/ Clanwilliam on the occasion 0/ this update 0/ the area's history,


With the publication of the book about the heritage 0/ your community, called Forest to Field, in 1984, residents were afforded a look back to the people and places where it all began. I applaud the sense of pride you have displayed in making it a priority to keep your history and the telling thereof up-to-date,

Of course, like many communities in Manitoba, things have changed strikingly from the early days, But history is a valuable resource. It allows us to learn/rom our mistakes or, in your case, to build upon past successes, There are many things that you can be proud of in the past and new opportunities to add to your treasure chest of memories in the days ahead.

On behalf 0/ the Province and all your Manitoba neighbours, we wish you all the best at this important time and continued success in the future.

Gary Doer