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BETHEL W. I. (October 1938-1939) Submitted by Gladys Turner

Back row: Hilma Erickson, Sarah Stone, Sylvia Wetteland holding Martis Mae, Irene Miller; Grace Stone and Anna Luszka

Front row: Caval! Stone, Kay Thompson,

Shirley Wettleland, Pauline Wetteland, Lillian Thompson, Jennie Luszka and daughter, and Mrs. Thompson

Bethel W. I. was a branch sponsored by the Erickson W. I. from October 1938-1939.

A meeting was held at Sarah Stone's home in October.

At that time, an outline of courses of Home Crafts was introduced by Grace Stone and Carol Stone who had attended one week of classes in Minnedosa. Grace and Carol then taught the crafts to a group of ladies. The craft courses consisted offive lessons. The basics of wool crafts, knitting articles, quilting and rug making, along with dying older materials, was taught.

I have my Grandma Stone's Home Craft Book, used in this course, that I treasure. I have found it very inter­ esting about knitting, quilting, etc.








During the 90's, mmor cnme occurrences continued to increase in many commumties throughout Canada. Erickson was experiencing the same increase in theft and damage to vehicles as well as damage to property. Many residents and business owners had more than one such experience, and frustration was being felt by many.

In response, several citizens and Cpl. Mike Hengen of the Wasagaming Detachment, organized the first Citizens On Patrol Program (COPP) in January 1997 to solicit inter­ est and discuss procedure on how such a volunteer program could benefit Erickson. Basically, patrollers would act as the eyes and ears of the Police, and report suspicious activ­ ities. It was decided to hold meetings on the third Wednesday of each month, and this schedule still exists except for the summer months.

Initially, a grant 0[$1,500.00 was received from the Province to help fInance the purchase of signs, a cell phone, and spotlights, all of which would assist COPP members on their patrols. In addition, in response to fund raising initiatives, many residents, business owners, organizations and the Erickson Council has supported and continues to support, financially, the program.

Members from the Wasagaming Detachment have been strong supporters of the Program. Members assisted COPP members by providing information, helping members receive exposure at other COPP organizations and such meetings relative to training.

Erickson COPP members elect their executive on a yearly basis and, together with their members, have been very active. They organized and sponsored a Crime Prevention Seminar, which provided information to some 300 residents. The Club has also produced a public brochure that highlights numerous suggestions on Crime Prevention measures. As well, to promote awareness, the Club recently provided prizes to nine high school students for their winning essays on 'Importance of Volunteerism' and 'Vandalism'. The Club is supportive and active with other community organizations and initiatives.

To summarize, the COPP members, together with the RCMP, have effectively reduced the crime rate in the community by approximately 80%. The group has 60 members and is comprised of business owners as well as residents of the community. Such joint efforts have proven effective and are an example of good community policing.

DANVER'S COMMUNITY CLUB Submitted by Olga Hall

This club has kept active over the years. Many of the members are in their 80's. They have been faithful in making baby layettes and quilts. These together with good used clothing are sent north to the Lampwick Store in Thompson, MB. Many thanks to Gardwine North for trans-